PHOTO: College House 2021 –  Niger House Rugby Game Team. PNBHS CREDIT

A great result for College House Boys’ in the traditional 67th Niger House Rugby Match, winning 36-22.

By way of background, this fixture is not between the school’s rugby teams but it is between the two school’s Year 9 boarding students (of which each school has approximately 45). From the very first day these kids enter boarding school they hear about the Niger Trophy and they start training for it on day 1. They are trained, coached and mentored exclusively by their fellow Year 13 boarding students – no adults are involved at all. Of these 45 kids, a handful are great rugby players. Some play soccer, others play hockey, some others don’t play sport at all. Regardless, EVERY Year 9 boarding student is required to participate in the early morning fitness training and the afternoon rugby training. For game day, 22 are selected and the other 18 happily attend to push on their mates. For most of these kids, the Niger Trophy match is the biggest rugby game of their lives. For some of them this game will literally be the only rugby match they ever play! The unique thing about this fixture is that both teams train for 5 months to play this one and only game. SOURCE: smashedembro

College House
College House V Niger House – 2021 PNBHS CREDIT
Charlie Ferguson PNBHS

Charlie Ferguson (PNBHS #10) converting a try to take PNBHS College House up 7 nil after 2 minutes of play. PNBHS CREDIT

College House


Charlie Ferguson - College House


Haka - College House


Niger House Rugby Game


College House Rugby Team 2021 – Programme PNBHS CREDIT