A young woman residing in Brisbane, earning $70,000 annually, has outlined her strategy to accumulate funds for a property purchase in the city.

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Sam, aged 21, works as a laboratory technician in Brisbane. With aspirations to delve into Australia’s flourishing property market, she has managed to save $10,000 and envisions a property budget of approximately $500,000.

According to the latest property report by comparison website Finder, the average price of an apartment in Australia exceeds $600,000, with a typical deposit requirement of over $100,000.


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Originally from Hong Kong, Sam pursued her university education in Australia, graduating with a degree in biomedical science. Now aiming to establish residency and invest in property in Australia, she is financially independent, having received assistance from her parents solely for tuition fees.

Currently renting and living independently, Sam is eager to transition from paying rent to contributing towards her own property. She expressed her desire, stating, “If I can afford my own rent, it’d be great if that money were going to a property that I own.”

To achieve her goal, Sam shared her cost-saving strategies on TikTok, emphasizing self-imposed rules to bolster her savings. These include abstaining from purchasing drinks at restaurants unless necessary and instituting two days a week where she refrains from spending money, thereby utilizing existing food supplies at home.

Sam has changed the way she lives to save. Picture: Instagram/shrimplo

Sam has changed the way she lives to save. Picture: Instagram/shrimplo

Sam wants to buy property. Picture: Instagram/shrimplo

Sam wants to buy property. Picture: Instagram/shrimplo

Additionally, she has adopted practices such as bulk purchasing of items for cost-effectiveness, limiting Uber usage except during late hours, and investing in staple wardrobe pieces to reduce frequent clothing purchases.

Sam perceives property ownership as a pathway to financial stability, instilled in her since childhood. With a stable income and no dependents, she aims to capitalize on her current circumstances.

Despite her efforts, Sam remains apprehensive about the continual rise in property prices, acknowledging the challenge it poses. Nevertheless, she remains optimistic about realizing her dream of property ownership, even if it means starting with a modest dwelling.

She's also an online creator. Picture: Instagram/shrimplo

She’s also an online creator. Picture: Instagram/shrimplo

Graham Cooke, Finder’s money expert, acknowledges the mounting obstacles faced by young individuals in entering the property market, attributing it to skyrocketing housing prices and other financial burdens, such as student debt. He advises aspiring homeowners to begin with modest yet strategic steps, including budgeting, regular saving, expense evaluation, and seeking better deals to gradually pave their way into property ownership.