PHOTO: Dan White, Managing Director of Ray White Group

Ray White, the largest real estate group in Australasia, has unveiled the next phase of its commercial division with the launch of RWC.

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The rebranding of Ray White Commercial as RWC aims to emphasize their expertise across all asset classes and establish a distinctive visual identity in the market. As part of this repositioning, RWC has undergone a comprehensive update to its visual identity, including a new name, color palette, design, and overall aesthetic. These changes have been developed through collaborative discussions within Ray White’s commercial network.

Andrew Freeman, Head of Agency at RWC, stated that the new direction reflects the specialized nature of their commercial property experts and enhances RWC’s market positioning. Over the past year, they have collaborated with a creative agency to create a modern and sophisticated interpretation of their values, mission, and personality. The updated visual identity features a modern color palette, with Ray White’s signature yellow used as an accent color for maximum impact. The photography direction has also been elevated, focusing on the intricate details of their markets and specialized asset classes. The use of shadows and sunlight symbolizes the dawn of a new era for their commercial specialists.

Freeman further mentioned that the updates strike a perfect balance between preserving their core identity and introducing a fresh look, allowing RWC to distinguish itself from the residential business while maintaining the strength of the wider Ray White Group.

Dan White, Managing Director of Ray White Group, emphasized the importance of RWC within the Ray White family and its future. The unique identity for their commercial business aims to convey to customers that they have the best experts who can deliver exceptional outcomes in the commercial property sector. This marks an exciting new chapter for the group, as it is the first time in their 121-year history that they have celebrated a core business outside of the master naming convention.

While RWC has a new identity, its fundamental principles and commitment to excellence in every transaction and relationship remain unchanged. The goal is to continue striving towards their full potential in the commercial real estate market.