bushfire relief

PHOTO: Led by Ray White, the initiative, called Beyond the Bricks, will see the agencies not only help those in need during the crisis, but be there for the communities as they heal.

Devastation has grappled Australia with bushfires raging, leaving a trail of destruction. However, in the darkness, several agencies have come together to help support those in need.

Nearly 11 million hectares of land has been scorched as fires burn in almost every state and territory.

With more than 270 fires blazing, 2,200 homes have been burnt to the ground, leaving families with the little they were able to salvage before they evacuated their community.

Wildlife has also been devastated by the bushfires. It has been estimated that about 1.25 billion animals have been killed across Australia.

Many people have been left helpless, especially those who have lost loved ones in the inferno.

The heartache has encouraged 27 real estate agencies and bodies to band together, and collectively support charities who will make a difference as the extent of the damage is realised.


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