Brendon McCullough

PHOTO: Blaze director Brendon McCullough

Bespoke software and cutting-edge technology are powering new partnerships between Australian-based real estate network @realty and a growing number of New Zealand agencies, including Blaze Realty.

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Bay of Plenty’s Blaze Realty is among the first in New Zealand to forge a relationship with @realty – one of Australia’s fastest growing real estate groups with over 750 agents internationally.

Blaze director Brendon McCullough says providing the best service for clients in today’s market means having the right systems in place for marketing, compliance and sales, and @realty’s unique offering adds strength to the Blaze brand.

“Real estate has changed a lot, especially since Covid, when technology was under the spotlight in terms of helping to keep people connected and make sales,” he said.

“It reinforced the importance of investing in robust systems and software, so that we can focus on our growth and listing and selling property.

“@realty offers a ready-made platform for us to do this. They have software that gives our agents incredible reach and the ability to sell through networks across Australia and in New Zealand, as well as conduct auctions online and provide real-time virtual tours.

“We’re also keen to use @realty’s marketing programs to expand and strengthen our social media campaigns, because more leads are coming through social networks and it’s a valuable tool in terms of being able to reach an engaged audience.

JJ Taylor, the Director of @realty

@realty creates a FREE AI tool for all real estate agents to use

“Partnering with @realty means Blaze can continue to do what we do best – provide personalised service for the best sales outcome – while taking advantage of the ‘back of house’ services @realty offers which are so critical to a successful operation.”