Angela Bloomfield

PHOTO: The former Shortland Street actress attributes her money skills to her parents, who she says steer her towards financial independence. Photo credit: Supplied.

“It’s been tough times in the COVID-19 era of 2020 and 2021. I’ve changed careers and had ups and downs in terms of financial stability.

“There were some moments when I thought my only option was to sell our home and rent to relieve financial stress.”

Angela Bloomfield, actor, director and real estate salesperson.


Money. It’s the driving factor behind many life choices, but is it the be-all and end-all?

‘Me and My Money’ is a regular feature that investigates Kiwi attitudes towards money and what drives the choices they make.

Leaving Shortland Street after playing Rachel McKenna for over 20 years, Angela Bloomfield says unlike a lot of actors, she was regularly employed. Experiencing the realities of irregular work made her realise she’d become conditioned to receiving a weekly wage.

Having bought her first home at 23, Bloomfield has bought and sold over half a dozen properties and says they’ve helped her money grow.

Changing careers during COVID-19 hasn’t been without its challenges – there’s been moments she’s thought about selling her home.

Bloomfield is now working as a self-employed real estate salesperson, a move she says gives her more control over where the opportunities come from.