AUSTRALIA: Free spirit, 28, reveals how she ditched sky-high city rent and her one-bed apartment for a nomadic life in a $13,000 TRUCK


PHOTO: So far she admitted she’s spent close to $5,000 on renovations and she’s not finished yet.

Brisbane woman, who said she was sick of paying rent on an apartment she never spent any time in, now calls a house truck – one she’s dubbed ‘Harry’ – home.

Chrissy Junge, 28, isn’t a nomadic newcomer either. She may have been living her freewheeling life for close to two years, but she also holds down a full-time job.

Here, Ms Junge tells FEMAIL why she decided to pack up her life and live in a van ‘on a whim’ – and how she has been surprised at how easy it was.



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