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The rich keep getting richer – but only just. The $563 billion represented by Australia’s 200 largest fortunes on 2023’s Financial Review Rich List, 40 years after the first Rich List was published in BRW Magazine, is just a 1 per cent increase on last year.

For the fourth year in a row, mining magnate Gina Rinehart has been crowned the country’s richest person in the Australian Financial Review’s annual Rich List.

But the news was less rosy for some wealthy tech entrepreneurs.


  • $563b Total wealth ($554.9b in 2022)
  • 6 Debutants
  • 36 Number of women
  • 67.3 Average age (67.7 in 2022)

The Financial Review Rich List 2023 is the 40th annual survey of the 200 wealthiest people resident in Australia, published by the Australian Financial Review on 26 May 2023.

The net worth of the wealthiest individual, Gina Rinehart, was $37.41 billion; while the net worth of the 200th wealthiest individual, Bob Rose and his wife, Margaret, and their family, was $690 million; up from $640 million for the 200th individual in 2022. The combined wealth of the 200 individuals was calculated as $563 bn, an increase of $9 bn on the previous year; compared with a combined wealth of $6.4 bn in 1984 when the BRW Rich 200 commenced. Thirty-six women were included on the 2023 Rich List, representing 18 percent of the list; down from thirty-nine women in 2021, or 19.5 percent. The list included six debutants.

Rinehart held the mantle of Australia’s wealthiest individual between 2011 and 2015; and was also the wealthiest Australian individual since 2020. From 2017 to 2019, Anthony Pratt was Australia’s wealthiest individual, ranked fourth in the 2021 Rich List, after Andrew Forrest, Australia’s wealthiest individual in 2008, and Mike Cannon-Brookes. Harry Triguboff was Australia’s wealthiest individual in 2016, ranked fourth in the 2023 Rich List.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

List of individuals


2023NameCitizenshipSource of wealth2022
RankNet worth
A$ bn
RankNet worth
A$ bn
1 Steady37.41 IncreaseGina RinehartAustraliaHancock Prospecting; investment1 Increase34.00 Increase
2 Steady33.29 IncreaseAndrew ForrestAustraliaFortescue Metals Group2 Increase30.70 Increase
3 Increase24.30 SteadyAnthony Pratt and familyAustraliaVisy; Pratt Industries3 Decrease24.30 Increase
4 Increase23.80 IncreaseHarry TriguboffAustraliaMeriton Apartments7 Decrease21.20 Increase
5 Increase23.66 IncreaseClive PalmerAustraliaMineralogy and other mining interests; hospitality8 Increase19.50 Increase
6 Decrease19.01 DecreaseMike Cannon-BrookesAustraliaAtlassian5 Increase27.80 Increase
7 Decrease18.16 DecreaseScott FarquharAustraliaAtlassian6 Decrease26.40 Increase
8 Increase13.60 IncreaseIvan GlasenbergAustralia[9]
South Africa
Glencore commodities trading16 Decrease12.2 Decrease
9 Increase13.18 DecreaseMelanie Perkins and Cliff ObrechtAustraliaCanva26 Increase13.80 Increase
10 Steady9.33 IncreaseSir Frank LowyAustraliaex-Westfield; property9 Decrease9.30 Decrease
11 Increase9.11 IncreaseRichard WhiteAustraliaTechnology20 Steady6.30 Increase
12 Decrease7.45 IncreaseKerry StokesAustraliaProperty; Seven West Media; resources10 Increase7.00 Increase
13 Increase6.59 DecreaseCameron AdamsAustraliaCanva104 Increase6.90 Increase
14 Increase6.51 DecreaseAlan Wilson and familyAustraliaReece Group12 Increase6.60 Increase
15 Decrease6.33 IncreaseJohn GandelAustraliaProperty (shopping centres)11 Decrease6.20 Decrease
16 Increase5.81 IncreaseLang WalkerAustraliaWalker Corporation (property)19 Decrease5.00 Increase
17 Increase5.22 DecreaseLen Ainsworth and familyAustraliaGaming; manufacturing18 Decrease7.70 Increase
18 Decrease4.95 DecreaseJames PackerAustraliaCrown ResortsConsolidated Media Holdings13 Steady6.00 Decrease
19 Decrease4.90 IncreaseHui Wing MauChina
Shimao Property4 Decrease4.80 Decrease
20 Increase4.63 DecreaseAngela BennettAustraliaMining21 Increase5.00 Increase
21 Decrease4.43 DecreaseChau Chak WingAustraliaProperty; investments15 Increase4.50 Increase
22 Decrease4.36 DecreaseJack CowinAustraliaCompetitive Foods Australia; investment17 Increase5.20 Decrease
23 Decrease4.35 IncreaseLindsay FoxAustraliaLinfox; property23 Decrease4.20 Increase
24 Decrease4.20 DecreaseVivek Chaand SehgalAustraliaMotherson Sumi Systems14 Decrease5.90 Decrease
25 Decrease3.97 DecreaseSolomon LewAustraliaPremier Investments; retail24 Steady4.20 Increase
26 Increase3.95 IncreaseMorry Fraid, Zac Fried and familyAustraliaRetail; property72 Decrease3.20 Increase
27 Increase3.90 IncreaseLaurence EscalanteAustraliaGaming?? Increase3.00 Increase
28 Decrease3.90 IncreaseTerry SnowAustraliaCapital Airport Group; property27 Increase3.60 Increase
29 Decrease3.85 DecreaseAlexandra Burt and Leonie BaldockAustraliaResources25 Increase4.20 Increase
30 Steady3.71 IncreaseGreg Goodman and familyAustraliaGoodman Group; property46 Increase3.60 Increase
31 Increase3.50 IncreaseMichael HodgsonAustraliaProperty33 Steady3.10 Increase
32 Increase3.42 DecreaseAndrew BudzinskiCyprusIC Markets; financial services58 Increase4.20 Increase
33 Decrease3.35 DecreaseLachlan MurdochUnited States
United Kingdom
Media22 Decrease4.00 Increase
34 Increase3.33 IncreaseBrett BlundyAustraliaRetail; property; agriculture37 Decrease3.30 Increase
35 Increase3.11 IncreaseEd CravenAustraliaGamingn/anot listed
36 Increase3.06 IncreaseTony Perich and familyAustraliaAgriculture; property43 Decrease2.80 Steady
37 Decrease2.91 DecreaseGerry Harvey and Katie PageAustraliaHarvey Norman31 Increase3.30 Increase
38 Decrease2.88 DecreaseDavid HainsAustraliaInvestment28 Decrease2.90 Increase
39 Increase2.78 IncreaseKie Chie Wong, Ann Lim and familyMalaysiaInvestor; resources44 Increase2.78 Increase
40 Decrease2.76 IncreaseBetty Klimenko, Monica Weinberg-Saunders and familyAustraliaProperty29 Increase2.70 Increase
41 Increase2.72 IncreaseJohn Van LieshoutAustraliaRetail45 Decrease2.70 Increase
42 Increase2.67 DecreaseMichael Heine and familyAustraliaFinancial services53 Increase2.80 Increase
43 Increase2.63 IncreaseSam Kennard and familyAustraliaKennards Hire?? Increase2.00 Increase
44 Increase2.60 SteadyMaurice Alter and familyAustraliaRetail34 Increase2.60 Increase
45 Decrease2.57 DecreasePrudence MacLeodAustraliaNews Corporation and News UK36 Decrease2.60 Decrease
46 Increase2.47 IncreaseGinia RinehartAustraliaHancock Prospecting42 Increase2.20 Increase
47 Decrease2.44 IncreaseJohn HancockAustraliaHancock Prospecting40 Increase2.43 Increase
48 Increase2.43 IncreaseBob EllAustraliaProperty47 Decrease2.40 Increase
49 Decrease2.42 IncreaseBianca RinehartAustraliaHancock Prospecting39 Decrease2.20 Increase
50 Decrease2.42 IncreaseHope WelkerAustraliaHancock Prospecting41 Increase2.20 Increase
51 Increase2.38 IncreaseJack GanceAustraliaChemist Warehouse; retail60 Increase1.60 Increase
52 Increase2.35 IncreaseMario VerrocchiAustraliaChemist Warehouse63 Increase1.50 Increase
53 Increase2.31 IncreaseShaun BonéttAustraliaPrecision Group; property101 Decrease1.90 Increase
54 Increase2.27 IncreaseChris ThomasAustraliaAgriculture85 Decrease1.60 Increase
55 Increase2.25 IncreaseChris EllisonAustraliaResources87 Increase1.80 Increase
56 Decrease2.23 IncreaseMarcus Besen and familyAustraliaRetail53 Decrease2.20 Decrease
57 Increase2.23 IncreaseSam ArnaoutAustraliaHospitality; property??? Increase1.89 Increase
58 Decrease2.14 DecreaseNick PolitisAustraliaRetail; property79 Decrease2.20 Increase
59 Decrease2.13 DecreaseBruce MathiesonAustraliaGaming; investments63 Increase2.20 Increase
60 Decrease2.10 DecreaseSir Michael Hintze GCSGAMAustralia
United Kingdom
Retail; investment30 Decrease2.20 Decrease
61 Decrease2.09 IncreaseGretel PackerAustraliaCrown Resorts; investment56 Increase2.00 Increase
62 Decrease2.09 DecreaseYe LipeiAustraliaProperty48 Decrease2.20 Decrease
63 Decrease2.08 IncreaseRussell Withers and familyAustraliaRetail55 Increase2.00 Increase
64 Increase2.02 IncreaseGary Tieck and family[note 1]AustraliaProperty; investment???2.00 Increase
65 Decrease2.00 SteadyNigel AustinAustraliaCotton On Group; retail49 Decrease2.00 Increase
66 Increase2.00 SteadyManny Stul and familyAustraliaMoose Toys; retail??? Decrease2.00 Increase
67 Decrease1.97 IncreaseJohn Casella and familyAustraliaAgriculture62 Decrease1.70 Increase
68 Increase1.94 IncreaseAlan RydgeAustraliaRydges Hotels & ResortsEvent Cinemas80 Decrease1.90 Decrease
69 Increase1.93 IncreaseTim RobertsAustraliaEx-Multiplex; investment52 Decrease1.60 Increase
70 Decrease1.92 IncreaseJonathan Munz and familyAustraliaManufacturing60 Decrease1.80 Increase
71 Increase1.91 IncreaseKhalil Shahin and familyAustraliaRetail61 Decrease1.80 Increase
72 Increase1.91 IncreaseSam ChongAustraliaResources; hotels91 Decrease1.10 Decrease
73 Increase1.87 IncreaseTrevor LeeAustraliaAgriculture100 Increase1.60 Increase
74 Increase1.86 IncreasePaul Salteri and familyAustraliaInvestment57 Decrease1.80 Increase
75 Increase1.85 IncreaseAnthony HallAustraliaTechnology122 Increase1.40 Increase
76 Decrease1.83 IncreasePaul LittleAustraliaToll Holdings59 Decrease1.80 Decrease
77 Increase1.82 IncreaseMaha SinnathambyAustraliaResidential property76 Decrease1.80 Increase
78 Increase1.79 IncreaseEddie HirschAustraliaUnited Petroleum77 Increase1.60 Increase
79 Increase1.78 IncreaseAvi SilverAustralia78 Increase1.60 Increase
80 Increase1.78 IncreasePaul LedererAustraliaEx-Primo smallgoods; investment75 Decrease1.40 Increase
81 Increase1.75 IncreaseSam HupertAustraliaTechnology86 Increase1.30 Increase
82 Decrease1.70 DecreaseDavid and Vicky TeohAustraliaTelecommunications40 Decrease2.60 Increase
83 Decrease1.69 SteadySam TarascioAustraliaProperty75 Decrease1.69 Increase
84 Decrease1.62 IncreasePeter GunnAustraliaLogistics; investment; property74 Increase1.60 Increase
85 Decrease1.59 IncreaseSam and Andrew Buckeridge and familyAustraliaBuckeridge Group of Companies65 Decrease1.50 Decrease
86 Increase1.57 DecreaseRalph SarichAustraliaInvestment; property94 Decrease1.60 Decrease
87 Increase1.57 DecreaseNechama Werdiger and familyAustraliaProperty85 Decrease1.60 Decrease
88 Decrease1.57 IncreaseImelda Roche[note 2]AustraliaRetail84 Decrease1.50 Increase
89 Increase1.56 IncreaseSandy Oatley and familyAustraliaAgriculture; property; tourism90 Decrease1.20 Increase
90 Increase1.53 IncreaseJohn Borg and Michael BorgAustraliaManufacturingn/anot listed
91 Increase1.50 SteadyPhillip Dong Fang LeeAustralia[13]Property development89 Increase1.50 Increase
92 Increase1.49 IncreaseNick Andrianakos and familyAustraliaProperty104 Increase1.10 Increase
93 Decrease1.49 SteadyJohn Richards and familyAustraliaWaste management86 Increase1.49 Increase
94 Decrease1.44 IncreaseChris MorrisAustraliaComputershare; financial services; hospitality108 Decrease1.40 Decrease
95 Increase1.47 IncreaseAndy Kennard and familyAustraliaKennards Hire114 Increase1.40 Increase
96 Increase1.46 IncreaseDale ElphinstoneAustraliaElphinstone Group; mining services98 Increase1.40 Increase
97 Increase1.45 DecreaseMark CreasyAustraliaResources116 Increase1.50 Increase
98 Increase1.45 IncreaseArthur LaundyAustraliaHotels181 Decrease1.40 Steady
99 Decrease1.43 IncreaseJudith NeilsonAustraliaInvestment69 Decrease1.40 Increase
100 Decrease1.42 IncreaseJohn KahlbetzerAustraliaAgriculture92 Decrease1.40 Decrease

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