With the weather heating up, adventurous Australians are flocking to an exquisite swimming hole concealed within a forest sanctuary.

Nestled in the heart of Sherwood Nature Reserve, a little over 40km north-east of Coffs Harbour, lies Scouts Falls, a hidden gem that has been described as a “slice of paradise on earth” by its fortunate visitors.

To reach this magical spot, explorers embark on a short bushwalk through the wilderness until they find themselves standing before a crystal-clear natural pool, nourished by a 10m cascading waterfall against a rocky backdrop. Despite its close proximity to Coffs Harbour, many locals were previously unaware of its existence due to its challenging concealment.

Social media platforms are now flooded with awe-inspiring snapshots of the falls, showcasing its aqua plunge pool surrounded by lush greenery, a miniature sandy beach, and colossal boulders. The trail to Scouts Falls, approximately 1.1km long, can be found through a graffitied boulder, winding through the bush, crossing creeks, and navigating rocky outcrops.


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Throughout the year, this place exudes spectacular natural beauty, but it is especially captivating after a period of rain when the falls flow freely or on tranquil summer days when the water glistens with glass-clear and turquoise brilliance.

For the daring souls, a 10m climb to the top of the falls rewards them with a breathtaking view of the nature reserve, though one should exercise caution due to the precipice and slippery rocks. Enthralled by its allure, visitors have fondly named Scouts Falls “a slice of paradise” and “paradise on earth.”

Travel blogger Corey Kirwen captured the essence of this hidden gem in a mesmerizing video that has captivated thousands of online viewers.

Users marveled at its discovery, exclaiming, “How did I not know this existed? So epic!” Others echoed the sentiment, considering themselves fortunate to call Coffs their home. Many excitedly added the falls to their travel bucket lists.

As a pristine location, Scouts Falls lacks any facilities, and visitors are reminded to carry their trash to preserve its untouched allure.

For those seeking the way to Scouts Falls from Coffs Harbour, follow Coramba Rd along the Orara Way to Glenreagh (approximately 41.8km), then turn right onto Sherwood Creek Road. Continue past the turn to Sherwood Road on the right, and park alongside the road, just before a high timber bridge. A narrow trail to the right of the bridge leads into the bush, guiding adventurers to the river. Follow the river upstream for about 20 minutes, passing a small plunge pool initially, until reaching the larger pool beneath the magnificent waterfall.

Source: Coffs Coast