Yanfei Bao

PHOTO: Yanfei Bao, a 44-year-old mother and real estate agent from Christchurch

Authorities Continue Search for Missing Christchurch Real Estate Agent Yanfei Bao

Eight weeks have passed since the disappearance of Yanfei Bao, a 44-year-old mother and real estate agent from Christchurch. Despite extensive search efforts, her whereabouts remain unknown.

Today, with the assistance of a specialized search group, the police are actively scouring Hudsons Road and surrounding areas in Greenpark. These search locations were identified in advance as part of the ongoing investigation.

Christchurch Police initiate fresh search for Yanfei Bao

Hudsons Road was last searched on August 8, and since then, the Greenpark area has been a focal point of search efforts.

Case Background: Yanfei Bao vanished while door-knocking in Wigram on July 19. Tingjun Cao was arrested at Christchurch International Airport on July 23 and charged with kidnapping in connection with her disappearance.

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On July 26, a homicide investigation was initiated, and Cao was subsequently charged with murder on August 15. He has pleaded not guilty.

In previous appeals, the police have requested information regarding specific items connected to the case, including a tracksuit, a top, and a spade. These items are of interest to the police and are believed to have been discarded in the Christchurch area between approximately midday on Wednesday, July 19, and about 5 pm on Saturday, July 22. The spade in question is brand new.

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Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves emphasized, “Anyone who witnessed someone acting suspiciously during this time frame or can assist the police in locating these items, the tracksuit, the top, and the spade, is urged to contact law enforcement.”

Individuals with information are encouraged to call 105.


Authorities are expanding their search efforts for missing real estate agent