Disgruntled viewers are swamping social media with their complaints about last night’s auction, but a former auctioneer on The Block NZ says there was nothing illegal about the way the auction was handled last night

Andy and Nate’s house, which was initially passed in, was sold for the highest profit at a shock second auction that no-one expected. They effectively snatched the win from Stace and Yanita.

The auctioneer, who prefers to be anonymous as he has yet to see the show, says if a property has been passed in at auction, then the vendor can decide what to do.

That’s shite Tv . Pay the girls! They won it fair and square. My wife says you girls also invited for beers in Matamata.


The ‘happy’ pictures were taken before the show – before Stace and Yanita and Andy and Nate had their shock defeat and win.


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