Sex sells

PHOTO: Real estate agent pushes the boundaries. 


In a bold marketing move, RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc. agent, Omar Ibrahim, recently put up a billboard at Dufferin and St. Clair with a provocative statement that reads: “Real estate is a lot like sex … So many options to choose from.” The eye-catching billboard has garnered widespread attention and sparked a range of reactions from the public.


A real estate billboard ad at St. Clair Ave. W. and Dufferin St. has prompted various reactions on Tuesday August 2, 2022. PHOTO BY JACK BOLAND /Toronto Sun

The Billboard Goes Viral

A photo of the controversial billboard made its way to Reddit, where user binston-burchill shared it with the heading “Uh, what?”. Since then, the post has triggered significant engagement, generating 399 comments at the time of reporting.

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Mixed Reactions from the Public

Some users on Reddit couldn’t resist adding their humorous takes on the billboard:

  • familytiesmanman joked, “Real estate is a lot like sex… I’ll never have any.”
  • Petra_Gringus quipped, “You pay for it but you never quite own it.”
  • Boo_Guy playfully remarked, “Always a renter, never a buyer.”
  • Steboy wittily stated, “Real Estate is a lot like sex. The real estate you want, you can’t get, and the real estate you get, you don’t want!”
  • TorontoJD humorously noted, “Real estate is a lot like sex. Old people have a lot, and young people only dream of one day having what their parents have.”
  • Ok-Measurement7298 teased with, “They’re rebranding to Cli/max.”

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Criticism and Debate

While the billboard garnered attention, it also faced criticism from some Redditors:

  • ExtremeHamster voiced concern, stating, “Wouldn’t trust a person that thought it was a good idea for an ad. Too trashy.”
  • halite001 questioned the target audience, “Right? Who are his target clientele? Professionals and DINKs? Couples with young children? Older, retired folks? The only people who will find this funny are 12 year olds, and they’re not buying houses.”
  • Simicrop expressed disappointment, “It’s also not clever, or even really a joke? If gonna make a raunchy billboard it should at least be funny.”

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A Successful Marketing Ploy

Despite the criticisms, some users recognized the effectiveness of the billboard in gaining attention:

  • All-Seeing Upvote cleverly commented, “Sex! Now that I have your attention: Real Estate!”
  • Laxxium aptly summarized, “Yet here we all are talking about it. The ad worked.”

In conclusion, Omar Ibrahim’s daring billboard comparing real estate to sex has ignited a conversation on social media platforms like Reddit. While it has drawn both humor and criticism, there’s no denying that the ad successfully captured the public’s attention, ultimately achieving its goal.

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