PHOTO: Natasha King and Matt van der Haast and their two children Jamie and Emily say they had to ‘jump through a lot of hoops’ to get into their new Pukekohe home, which cost $578,250.

Natasha King, Matt van der Haast and their two children, Jamie, 5, and Emily, 2, first featured on Stuff a year ago, when they were living with King’s father in order to save money for their first home.

The couple was the first to sign up for a house in the new Belmont subdivision in Pukekohe under the Special Housing Areas legislation, which meant the completed “affordable” houses in the subdivision could not be sold for more than 75 per cent of the median house price in the Auckland region, which was $578,250.

At that time most developers had shied away from the subdivision saying it was not possible to build a house for under $600,000 in the greater Auckland area.