Peter Gordon

PHOTO: Peter Gordon has won renown worldwide for his fusion cuisine. Photo: Supplied

Renowned New Zealand chef Peter Gordon has announced the closure of his Auckland restaurant and cooking school due to challenges in renewing the downtown lease. Gordon, who founded Homeland alongside partner Alastair Carruthers in 2020, shared the news in a statement issued on Monday.

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The decision to close Homeland stems from the redevelopment of the premises and its surrounding area, with the landlord opting not to renew the lease. The dining room will cease operations at the end of April, followed by the cooking school at the end of July. Despite the closure process, Homeland remains open for business for the time being.

Expressing sadness over the closure, Gordon emphasized that Homeland’s mission is not over but is hindered by the issue of premises. The closure affects the staff significantly, and the owners are currently in consultation to determine the future of the Homeland project.

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Peter Gordon, known as “the godfather of fusion cooking,” spent 31 years based in the United Kingdom, where he established acclaimed restaurants such as The Sugar Club and Providores. In August 2020, he returned to New Zealand, launching Homeland amid the global pandemic. Initially not intending to open a traditional restaurant, Gordon and his team embraced the opportunity when they found the perfect location with ample space, leading to the establishment of Homeland.

Reflecting on the journey, Gordon highlighted the joy of hosting community days at Homeland, where individuals from various backgrounds could come together to learn simple recipes and life skills, embodying the charitable aspect of the business. Despite the unforeseen challenges, Gordon expressed gratitude for the project’s impact and the support received from the community.