Wakefield subdivision


PHOTO: BRADEN FASTIER/STUFF Barry Roach and Nevaeh, 9, Levi, 6, will have to compromise on their dream home after a survey on their Wakefield section knocked more than 50sqm off the site.

It should have been a spacious family home. A 217 square metre design, large enough for each of the three children to have their own bedroom, and an office for a home business.

But after the Wakefield subdivision was surveyed, Barry and Cheryl Roach discovered their 600sqm section had become 553sqm, forcing them to shave a third off the size of their dream home.

It’s the latest blow in a frustrating process for the family, who are living with relatives as they wait for building to begin.

Since they put a deposit down on the section in November 2017 with Signature Homes, the development has been beset by delays, and they’re still waiting on a title.