PHOTO: © Video – Parliament TV; Image – Getty Chris Farrelly spoke to the Epidemic Response Committee.

Despite New Zealand being out of lockdown there has been a dramatic rise in people needing assistance to put food on their tables – people who normally wouldn’t require financial help.

Auckland City Missioner Chris Farrelly says people have been living week to week or day to day and still not able to manage their financial situation.

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But post-lockdown, he said there’s now a new group of vulnerable people.

“Income has not met requirements in a household for all sorts of reasons – the cost of housing being one, cost of paying loan sharks, [and the] cost of meeting emergency needs,” he told the Epidemic Response Committee on Thursday.

“Now, what’s happened is – there’s this new group of vulnerable [people] who have moved into that space.

“Many of them, they’re low income people. They’re people who are absolutely struggling just week by week but they had a job – they had a job in a laundry, they had a job cleaning an aeroplane, they had some labour position that’s gone.