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PHOTO: Cristiano Ronald and Georgina Rodriguez. FILE

Construction of Cristiano Ronaldo’s extravagant mansion near Lisbon has fallen a year behind schedule, much to the frustration of the football superstar’s prospective neighbors. Reports from Portugal, as highlighted by Look magazine, indicate that Ronaldo and his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, have irked locals with the extensive ongoing work on the property, estimated to be worth NZD 55 million. The construction, which has already spanned over three years, is expected to continue for at least another 12 months. to launch real estate industry recruitment site

A recent video showcased the unfinished state of the mansion, leading residents to derisively refer to it as “Pharaoh Ronaldo’s pyramid” due to its imposing size, resembling that of a hospital rather than a residential abode. Compounding the issue is the widespread media coverage and content generated by various outlets and YouTubers, making the location of the mansion widely known to the Portuguese public.

Once Ronaldo retires from his illustrious football career, it is anticipated that he and his family will split their time between Madrid, where his former club Real Madrid is based, and a coastal area near Lisbon. However, the ongoing construction has left neighbors exasperated, with one resident expressing discontent: “They’ve been building for three years. The house is so big it looks like a hospital. My street has been closed for months, my garden is full of dust. All because of Pharaoh Ronaldo’s ‘pyramid.'”

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Initially projected to cost NZD 21 million, the project’s budget has steadily ballooned to NZD 36 million and now stands at NZD 55 million. Relocation of a nearby golf clubhouse has been a contributing factor to the escalating costs. Ronaldo reportedly attempted to purchase the golf course to enhance his security, but his offer was declined.

The opulent features of Ronaldo’s future mansion include a massive glass swimming pool complete with an underwater walkway. Additionally, the property is set to feature a master bedroom spanning 1,000 square feet, solidifying its status as one of Portugal’s most expensive real estate developments.

Concerns have been raised among neighbors regarding potential sightlines into their gardens, further exacerbating the issues surrounding the construction. These concerns, combined with Ronaldo’s current playing commitments in Saudi Arabia, have cast doubt on whether he will eventually inhabit the mansion.

Ronaldo's 'hospital-sized' mansion (pictured: CGI impressions of the completed property) is a year behind schedule and currently resembles a construction site

Ronaldo’s ‘hospital-sized’ mansion (pictured: CGI impressions of the completed property) is a year behind schedule and currently resembles a construction site

Notably, the Portuguese star began his professional career at Sporting Lisbon before departing for Saudi Pro League team Al-Nassr in January, following a contentious departure from Manchester United. Ronaldo also owns a luxurious villa in Turin from his time at Juventus, along with a NZD 9.5 million mansion in the heavily fortified La Finca estate near Madrid. Additionally, he possesses a seven-story apartment block in Funchal, his birthplace on the island of Madeira.


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