Feilding house

PHOTO: DAVID UNWIN/STUFF This Feilding house is the longest on-off listing on Trade Me, having been first listed for sale in September 2007. The owner is now hoping for a deadline sale. This photo is not part of the listing.

He can’t sell his house, and it appears he doesn’t want to, but the owner of this Feilding property is now trying for a deadline sale.

The house, which has the dubious honour of being the longest on-off listing on Trade Me, has a deadline sale date of April 1, 2020. But with the house on the market since September 2007 – that’s 12-plus years – a sale doesn’t seem at all certain.

There’s no price on the property at present because of the deadline sale, but in August, 2018, the owner was asking $465,000 for the house, which is now valued at $320,000. And it has had no shortage of views – nearly 25,000.