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First there was Covid, then the cost of living crisis, plus high interest rates these are all creating higher levels of financial hardship, with homeowners now considering, repayment holidays, switching to interest only or even selling their homes.

With mortgage repayments almost doubling when you come off a fixed rate, it then
becomes difficult to pay your credit cards, car loans or to meet normal living costs.

Refinancing is easier to do than you think | Mortgage Lending

We can assist you to restructure or refinance your mortgage to help you consolidate your debts, in many of these circumstances. We will consider what term your current home loan is on, are there better options in the market? Then review what short term borrowing you have, is it at a high rate, are your repayments up to date. Our goal is to complete a thorough review to see what can be done to help you manage your finances better and sleep better at night.

It is important to check if any early repayment fees apply or discounts are possible for an early settlement.   Debt consolidation into a second mortgage or your current home loan may provide relief by combining repayments into just one amount but, an option may be to split part of your loan into a shorter term to help you to be debt free quicker. Making weekly or fortnightly repayments may also assist you with budgeting and matching repayments up with your payday.

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