Chateau Tongariro Hotel

PHOTO: Chateau Tongariro Hotel. 1NEWS

Formerly Majestic Chateau Tongariro Hotel, Now a Spectral Remnant of its Past Grandeur

1News Unveils Gripping Images Revealing the Abandoned Interior Since Closure

The corridors, once teeming with life, now reverberate with emptiness, capturing the eerie transformation of Chateau Tongariro Hotel from a recognized heritage building to a forsaken shell.

Photos obtained by 1News provide a haunting glimpse into the aftermath of the hotel’s closure, showcasing the extent of the damage and the frozen tableau of its last moments. Furniture, TVs, artwork, curtains, and even the chandeliers remain frozen in place, suspended in time.

Couches at Chateau Tongariro

Chateau Tongariro bedroom

Wear and tear on the outside of Chateau Tongariro

Part of Chateau Tongariro's roof

Entrance to the Ruapehu Room at Chateau Tongariro

The deserted hallways, once vibrant with the comings and goings of guests, now echo with a haunting silence. A disappointed tourist expressed surprise at the desolation, noting the stark contrast to the once lively atmosphere that defined the region mid-week.

The decision by the previous operator not to renew the lease, citing challenges with earthquake strengthening and ski seasons, marked the beginning of the property’s decline. An independent building appraisal has now revealed a more dire situation than initially anticipated, outlining 180 necessary fixes and 56 urgent repairs in a comprehensive 147-page document.

Ruapehu mayor Weston Kirton emphasized the urgency of addressing the situation, considering the hotel’s historical significance as a pride of the community for nearly 90 years. As discussions swirl around the estimated $5 million repair bill, potential legal action looms, with Kirton urging the government and DOC to engage with the community to find solutions.

Meanwhile, a local food truck operator has capitalized on the void left by the hotel’s closure, serving a surge in tourism. The fate of Chateau Tongariro remains uncertain, with reports of a potential new owner, speculated to be from a major global hotel chain, adding intrigue to the narrative. As the community anxiously awaits news of the historic landmark’s potential revival, the future of Chateau Tongariro hangs in the balance.