Matt Todd


Former All Black rugby player Matt Todd, accustomed to the physical rigors of the rugby field, now finds himself in a different kind of scrum with the builder of his Queenstown duplex project, along with his partner Anna McCormack.

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In 2019, the Todds, along with their friend Elliot Andrews, engaged Christchurch-based company Build 7 South Island to construct a two-unit investment project overlooking Lake Whakatipu. However, due to delays caused by Covid-19, construction didn’t commence until 2022.

Their troubles mounted late last year when subcontractors claimed non-payment from Build 7, with one citing a substantial sum of $100,000 owed. Without warning, Build 7, under the registered name Nawoc Limited, entered voluntary liquidation, leaving debts totaling around $1.5 million, predominantly to unsecured creditors.


Jamie Cowan and his wife Francesca, a business mentor, are shareholders in a failed building company.

The sudden turn of events left the Todds reeling, especially considering assurances from Build 7’s director, Jamie Cowan, just a week prior that all was well. McCormack expressed concern not only for their own situation but also for the subcontractors who hadn’t received their due payments.

Despite their personal setback, the Todds are striving to secure bank funding to complete the project and settle outstanding debts to contractors, acknowledging the exceptional work done by the subcontractors.


Matt Todd with his partner Anna McCormack at AMI Stadium in 2017.

Reflecting on the situation, McCormack lamented the irony of Francesca Cowan’s involvement in offering business profitability masterclasses, considering the mismanagement of Build 7. Moreover, they were dismayed to learn that Jamie Cowan had already established a new company, Nucleus Properties 2024, shortly before Build 7’s liquidation, with his mother listed as the sole director.

Questions linger regarding the fate of the progress payments made to Build 7, with the Todds estimating potential losses of up to $200,000. They are unable to insure their building due to lapsed insurance payments by Build 7, further exacerbating the situation.


Construction has stopped at a Queenstown development owned by Todd, McCormack and friend Elliot Andrews.

Efforts to salvage Build 7 proved futile, with mounting costs, delayed consents, and contract constraints contributing to its demise. However, Cowan’s new venture, Nucleus Properties, appears optimistic about its prospects.

Despite repeated attempts to seek comment, Jamie Cowan remained silent on the matter.

In parallel to these challenges, Matt Todd continues his role as assistant coach for the Crusaders rugby team, having previously represented the All Blacks on 25 occasions between 2013 and 2019.