Chris Wright

PHOTO: DOMINIKA ZIELINSKA Chris Wright has been ordered to pay more than $18,000 in reparation to his former employer Century 21 after he stole bonds and rent while working for the real estate company. (file photo)

A former Taranaki real estate agent who fleeced more than $18,000 from his employer has suffered a significant fall from grace, a court heard.

Christopher Robert Wright appeared before Judge Jonathan Krebs in the New Plymouth District Court on Tuesday for sentencing on six charges of theft in a special relationship.

Wright had been a licensed independent contractor for real estate agent Century 21 when he carried out his offending, which involved pocketing bonds, rents and letting fees, either paid in cash or by providing victims with his personal bank account.

In total the 51-year-old stole $18,425 between October 2016 and January 2018, with none of the bond money ever being lodged with Tenancy Services or rent money ever being received by the landlords or company.