Wellington apartment

PHOTO: The building is located in what police call a “high-risk” area. Photo credit: Google Maps

Tenants of a Wellington Central apartment say they feel “threatened” and “stuck” in their building, where drug use and crime is rampant and there’s no end in sight.

The complex sits between two main Wellington streets deemed at “high-risk” of criminal activity by police in November.

Police committed an extra 50 to 60 officers to patrol the Wakefield St and Manners St area after assault rates skyrocketed, but residents of the flats say they don’t feel any safer.

A previous tenant told Newshub she experienced death threats and abuse when entering or leaving the apartment.

She says one man, who she believed to be homeless, took a “liking” to her and her female flatmate and would often follow them to and from work.

“[He] followed us to and from work each day and slept in the foyer. He threatened to kill us and would follow us around the city. [He] tried to take a swing at me one day he got arrested twice.”

A current resident nearing the end of his lease says he feels sorry for the students moving into the flat after him.