Ant Manton

PHOTO: Ant Manton (left) with his PRD colleague Conor Canning. (Facebook: Ant Manton)

A real estate agent who dobbed in an employee for stealing client data — an act he said would result in “the end of my business and everything associated with it” — is now the subject of a similar complaint.

The Property Agents Board — the body supervising real estate agents across Tasmania — is investigating an allegation high-profile Tasmanian agent Ant Manton took a copy of Ray White Glenorchy’s database of clients, which may include addresses and personal details, last year.

Clients of Ray White Glenorchy received an email on Monday that they had been “alerted to an incident where a significant amount of data may have been unlawfully taken from their computer system”.

The agency asked its clients to contact them if they received any correspondence from Mr Manton.

In the email, Ray White said it was “still investigating the full extent of the data to understand the impacts”.

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Ant Manton now works at PRD Hobart, which is co-owned by Conor Canning. (Facebook: Ant Manton)