‘Free avocado on toast for a year’: Real estate agent offers novel incentive to sell $600,000 apartments – but will be enough to get millennials to save for a home?

  • For millennials reluctant to sacrifice their smashed avocado on toast to get on the property ladder, this may be the answer. A number of townhouses in Brisbane are being offered for sale to young professionals – and will allow you to enjoy the luxury dish for free for a year. Ray White Sherwood has listed several brand new two or three bedroom properties in Bute Street in the blue-ribbon suburb of Sherwood starting from $595,000. While the price is steep for many young people, the real estate agency is offering to help with the budget by including the cost of avocado on toast once a weekend at your favourite café in the area.


Townhouses in Brisbane are being offered for sale – with free avocado on toast for a year