Janet Dickson

PHOTO: Janet Dickson. FILE

Today, Justice Grau of the High Court rejected the Real Estate Authority’s request for Janet Dickson to provide $15,000 in security to cover the Authority’s potential costs in the event of their success.

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Stephen Franks, representing Janet Dickson from Franks Ogilvie, remarked on Justice Grau’s swift dismissal of the REA’s arguments, suggesting it should prompt the Authority to reassess their aggressive stance towards their client. Franks questioned whether persisting with their legal strategy truly serves the interests of real estate agents and their clientele.

Franks expressed gratitude towards the judge’s acknowledgment of the significance of judicial review as a fundamental right protected under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act. He highlighted the engagement of issues such as freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and expression in such proceedings.

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Hobson’s Pledge, represented by spokesperson Don Brash, celebrated the impact of their members’ support in the case. Brash emphasized their intervention to prevent Janet Dickson from being overwhelmed by the REA’s control over funds, which are collected compulsorily from land agents, even those who may dissent from the enforced indoctrination.

Franks further noted that the REA argued for security based on Janet’s testimony regarding potential income loss if her license were revoked, as well as the crowdfunding efforts organized by Hobson’s Pledge. However, the judge remained unconvinced by these arguments.

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