Chrissy Brown

PHOTO: KEVIN STENT Chrissy Brown says she would like to buy a house but isn’t sure how it’s going to happen.

Wellington woman Chrissy Brown has given up on her dream of homeownership… for now.

She is working full-time and earns $47,000 a year, or $2400 a month, which she said left just enough money for rent, bills, toiletries, transport and “general womanly maintenance”.

“I would love to own a house one day, because renting can be frustrating and sometimes you can get kicked out of a flat with only 42 days to find a new home, but in my current situation I literally don’t understand how it’s possible or where to begin with no financial headstart behind me except my KiwiSaver but with house prices being so high and no partner or any other spare income to help me with a deposit – I literally just can’t do it. 

“The idea of saving to buy a home is impossible and it just seems like saving for a deposit for a home is such a huge mountain that I just cannot climb right now or ever.”