OPINION: I’ve never been one for worrying about broken mirrors, black cats or walking under ladders, but a year of trying and failing to buy a house at auction can make even a pragmatist a little superstitious.

I didn’t want to tell anyone about a house we loved, in case that jinxed it. I couldn’t wear the clothes I wore to a failed auction to the next one and I started looking up which numbers the Chinese considered lucky, after reading in the newspaper unlucky street numbers would steer Chinese buyers away from some houses, and thus reduce the competition.

The number 4 sounds like “death” in Chinese, so that’s unlucky. Excellent. But 8 – that’s a lucky number, and put them together 48 is, apparently, very auspicious indeed. Oh dear.

Nadine Higgins: If non-citizen and non-resident buyers are a non-issue, the ban is a non-issue for your sale price.



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