PHOTO: LIZ MCDONALD/STUFF The need to sell, and to get a good price, is sometimes seen to far outweigh the need to disclose all accurate information.

We are planning to put our property on the market in January. It’s an older home and we have done a bit of DIY renovation over the years to help the house fit our family. My brother is a builder so we didn’t think we needed to get the council involved on compliance when we built a playroom for the kids in the garage, but now my wife is a bit concerned that this is going to come back to bite us. We are also a bit worried about subsidence on part of the property that gets worse after heavy rain. But we really want this sale to go through without any hassles because we’re starting to build a new property early in the new year. Can we take the approach that if they don’t ask we don’t have to tell?


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