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est March 1, 2015



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New Zealand Property News 

Real Estate News – Property News. was started 1 March, 2015 to provide a New Zealand Property News online aggregation service – where the public including property professionals can access New Zealand property news (and a bit of Aussie too) in one place.

Property Noise collates real estate/property news from a variety of fantastic and informative news sites and simply refers viewers to their respective news sites.

Each Monday the site sends out an e-newsletter to its substantial database… “The Week that was in Property”. This is a wrap of the most interesting and significant news of the week. This has been hugely popular – with thousands already subscribed.

New Zealand is lucky to have some outstanding news reporting – but the public have to go to a variety of generic news and specialist sites to view these … plus they are not as archived as well as they could be for the public to access past news easily. Property Noise is aimed at providing one place for current and archived property news.

Significant development is underway to provide an online directory of all things property – so in time becomes a one stop Property Information/Services online portal.




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