lottery winner


PHOTO: ADRIAN VAN ANZ AND JASON SPETH A lottery winner used a small part of his $270m win to build this chateau-style mansion on a mountaintop in Oak Glen, California. Now that the building is finished and his restaurant business is thriving, he is selling up.

Winning US$180 million (NZ$269.1 million) in a lottery is beyond the comprehension of most of us. While we might dream of a big win, we probably couldn’t imagine spending that sort of money in a lifetime.

But here’s how one bloke in the US spent his windfall after winning $180 million in 2014 – he built a massive, chateau-style mansion on the top of a ridge above Oak Glen in California, and added a buffalo ranch, a Wild West saloon and a steakhouse that serves up his own grass-fed buffalo steaks.

The mountaintop property he purchased was already under construction, but he enlarged the plans and bought more land (350ha) to make his dream come true.