Paul Davies

PHOTO: CEO & Co-Founder Paul Davies

ONE AGENCY, a renowned international real estate group across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, has announced its plans to undertake a nationwide tour of New Zealand. The tour aims to meet with existing members and explore opportunities to expand the brand’s presence across the country.



This comes at a time when real estate in New Zealand is under significant strain. ONE AGENCY, with its unique offering, has quickly become a favourite among agents throughout the country, with the group boasting over 600 agents throughout the network, across Australasia.

The tour will be spearheaded by CEO & Co-Founder Paul & Annie Davies, who will travel across the country to meet with members and to officially launch the latest ONE AGENCY office in Rotorua. The new business is set to open in a few weeks and will offer a full range of real estate services to clients in the region.

“We are excited to announce our nationwide tour of New Zealand and attend the opening of our new office in Rotorua,” said Mr. Davies. “We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our member network.”


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With the network currently having 600 members throughout New Zealand, Australia and Fiji, agents like the fact they can run their own businesses, their way, but still have the backing and support in the marketing place by an international brand.

Mrs. Davies added, “During our tour, we look forward to connecting with as many of our members as possible to discuss new opportunities for growth and expansion. Our personalised approach to serving clients is what sets us apart and we want to ensure that we continue to deliver exceptional service and value to the industry and its customers.”