Missing Christchurch Real Estate Agent

PHOTO: A 52-year-old Bryndwr resident appeared in the Christchurch District Court. Photo / George Heard

Forensic Examination Focuses on Handprint at Property of Interest in Case of Missing Christchurch Real Estate Agent Yanfei Bao


Forensic investigators are diligently scrutinizing a property that the missing Christchurch real estate agent, Yanfei Bao, was scheduled to show to a potential buyer. Their meticulous analysis centers around a discernible handprint on one of the windowpanes.

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Disappearance of Yanfei Bao

Yanfei Bao was last seen in the Wigram area around 10.30 am on Wednesday. Although she has not been located, her cellphone was discovered on the Southern Motorway on Friday. A 52-year-old Bryndwr man has been charged with kidnapping Bao. Notably, he had booked a last-minute one-way international flight and was apprehended by the police at Christchurch Airport without any suitcases.

Ongoing Investigation and Forensic Examination

As of Tuesday morning, Bao remains missing, and investigators have established a police tent outside a residence on Trevor St, Hornby, where a forensic examination has commenced. The team inside the property is diligently marking potential evidence, with particular attention given to the handprint on the window. Photographs are being taken, and the house’s interior is being examined using torches.

Search for Missing Real Estate Agent Yanfei Bao Intensifies as Police Analyze Over 120 Public Tips

Search for Clues and Public Support

The police have received over 120 pieces of information from the public, with the majority of tips relating to a silver Mitsubishi sedan with registration DPH101. The investigation focuses on sightings of the car from mid-week until Saturday night, with a special interest in its location on Wednesday, July 19, in various areas, including Wigram, Hornby, Tai Tapu, Halswell, Redcliffs, and New Brighton. Authorities have also searched a ditch near Lake Ellesmere in their efforts to find Bao.

Husband’s Devastation and Plea for Help

Yanfei Bao’s husband, Paul Gooch, expresses his distress and devastation at his wife’s disappearance. He remains hopeful for her safe return to him and their young daughter. Paul extends his gratitude to the public, mutual friends, and family for their overwhelming support during this harrowing ordeal.

Court Appearance of Man Charged with Kidnapping in Case of Missing Christchurch Real Estate Agent, Yanfei Bao

Court Proceedings and Witness Testimonies

The alleged kidnapper of Yanfei Bao appeared in the Christchurch District Court before Judge Michael Crosbie. Court documents allege that the man unlawfully took Bao without her consent with the intent to confine her. The man’s family had not been informed of his arrest. Witnesses, including a friend named Jin Tian, recount their last communications with Bao before her disappearance.

Yanfei Bao’s Case: Police Maintain High Concern for Woman’s Safety

Police Concerns and Urgent Appeal

Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves emphasizes that Bao’s disappearance is unexplained and urges the public to come forward with any information, no matter how small. The police are deeply concerned for her safety, and the longer she remains missing, the more their worries escalate. The absence of her cellphone adds to their concerns.

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Statement from Yanfei Bao’s Family

Yanfei Bao’s family expresses their profound concern for her safety and well-being. They appeal for assistance from anyone with information that could aid the police in locating her. The family fervently hopes for Yanfei’s safe return and extends their gratitude for the vigilance and support shown during this difficult time.

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