The Block NZ: Firehouse


PHOTO: Stacy and Adam can do no wrong in the judges’ eyes, but the bare bones of their character apartment were far and away the best before they even started.

The last room reveal on The Block NZ: Firehouse has been and gone (the terraces), and we have to ask, will all this effort have the slightest impact on the sale price of these four Kingsland apartments?

We’ve seen a lot of needless decoration over the past couple of months – wallpapers chosen to meet some weird brief by the judges, homemade stuff knocked together at the last minute, and strange pop-art planted by teams desperate for points from an inconsistent judging panel.

None of this matters when it comes to auction night (September 8). What will matter are the views (which we have now seen for the first time), the size and flow of the rooms, the orientation to the sun and the liveability of the apartments.