Is there gold in them thar hills? Real estate company gets creative

  • A real estate company is bringing creative advertising to a new level with hints of buried treasure at a Clyde property.

Bayleys Realty Group is selling 1142ha of land, beside the Dunstan Arm Rowing Club, which it claims was the site of a pioneer-era gold-heist hideout.

Property salesperson David Gubb said a colleague researched the story at the Alexandra Central Stories Museum. It related to bandits George Rennie and Malcolm McLennan, who in 1870 stole 2099oz of gold from the Clyde Police Station storage vault.

The two camped out on a part of the property with the loot, which at yesterday’s prices would have fetched $4 million.



Part of a property on Lake Dunstan, near Clyde, which a real estate company says is linked to a 1870 gold heist. Photo / Jono Edwards, Otago Daily Times