Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves

PHOTO: Detective inspector Nicola Reeves is committed to returning Bao’s body to her family.

The detective inspector overseeing the investigation into the disappearance of Yanfei Bao reveals that she reflects on the case daily. Six months have passed since the Christchurch real estate agent went missing, and despite extensive searches failing to locate her body, Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves maintains optimism about finding her.

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“I don’t let a day go by without contemplating Yanfei’s case and actively working to locate her,” affirms Reeves, who has been dedicated to both securing a prosecution and reuniting Bao with her family since day one. The investigation is still progressing, according to Reeves, who acknowledges that public information flow has naturally slowed down but emphasizes the ongoing nature of the inquiry.

Bao, aged 44, disappeared on July 19 after a meeting with a prospective client in the Christchurch suburb of Hornby. Reeves urges the public to report any sightings of a silver Mitsubishi 380 with registration DPH101, previously owned by the alleged killer, Tingjun Cao. Notably, the vehicle has a yellow diamond sticker featuring a small black kiwi on its trunk.

House associated with the alleged murder of Yanfei Bao has been sold

Additionally, the police seek information on a recently discarded spade in the Christchurch area between midday on July 19 and 5 pm on July 22. Reeves encourages individuals with any information, regardless of perceived significance, to come forward.

On the day of her disappearance, Bao made a call to a friend around 11:16 am, inquiring about a financial transaction for a Chinese buyer. Her silver Nissan car vanished from the street sometime after 12:30 pm. Witnesses later reported seeing Cao’s car on the same street.

Man named and charged with the homicide of a real estate agent

Tingjun Cao, charged with kidnapping and murdering Bao, has pleaded not guilty, and a tentative trial date is set for October. A week after her disappearance, police initiated a homicide investigation, with Reeves dispelling concerns of a broader threat to real estate agents or the community.

While police are not actively searching specific areas, they continue to review information daily, keeping an “open mind” regarding the potential location of Bao’s body. Reeves assures that no possibilities are ruled out at this stage.