Kim Dotcom’s Coatesville mansion for sale

“Distinguished”, says the ad, but remember all the cops arriving?

The Dotcom mansion is being marketed as “distinguished and magnificent” but many people will recall the unusual spectre of police swooping on the property at Coatesville, northwest of Auckland.

Yes, like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, the property will live on in the memory of many New Zealanders as more the target for law enforcement than as a posh home you might like to consider your own.

Barfoot & Thompson’s ad makes it sound very flash.

“One of New Zealand’s most distinguished and magnificent properties is now for sale. The well-known English-style country estate just out of Auckland is a stunning display of architecture, lavish in scope and luxurious in detail. Prospective buyers have the option to either enjoy this luxury home and all its grounds or benefiting from the rewards offered by the properties subdivision opportunity.



Formerly the ‘Dotcom Mansion’ before that the ‘Chrisco Property’ – this mansion is up for sale again. Photo / Jason Dorday.