PHOTO: How would you invest $42m? Photo credit: Getty.

A staggering $42 million is up for grabs in Lotto’s jackpot draw on Wednesday, giving Kiwis another chance to put their lucky numbers in for a spin.  

If the winner were to put their millions in a term deposit at 3 percent interest, with tax taken off, they’d still have $844,000 per year ($16,230 per week) at their disposal.  

But how much could the winner potentially earn if they chose to put their millions into something more risky, like property or shares?

$42m into property

Based on the REINZ national median house price of $615,000 in January, the winner could buy 68 houses and become a full-time landlord, with $180,000 to spare. 

Based on a target return (net yield) of 5 percent* those properties could haul in $2,091,000 per year. Assuming 33 percent tax on those earnings, that’s $26,941 per week in the hand, with the opportunity for capital gain on top.

If the winner were a keen property investor, Steve Goodey, an experienced Kiwi property trader, suggests they could use leverage to drive profits even higher.