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Renowned buyer’s agent and Elite Agent cover figure, Simon Cohen, has been selected as one of three esteemed judges for Seven’s upcoming renovation competition series, Dream Home. Set to debut on Channel 7 and 7plus later this year, Dream Home will witness six pairs of ordinary Australians competing, room by room, to metamorphose dilapidated suburban family residences into remarkable dream dwellings.

Luxe Listings star Simon Cohen’s new home

The show will be helmed by the affable TV personality Dr. Chris Brown, with interior designer Rosie Morley and renovation expert Lana Taylor joining Cohen on the judging panel.

Cohen, co-founder of Cohen Handler, renowned for his profound understanding of Australia’s premier dream homes, will lend his expertise to guide teams through their renovation endeavors. “I’m excited to be part of Dream Home,” he expressed. “The competition is fierce, especially when it’s about one’s own abode; the possibilities are endless. These transformations will be nothing short of extraordinary and potentially life-changing.”

The victorious duo will not only secure their dream home but also a prize that could alter their lives significantly. Taylor, co-owner of the renovation company Three Birds Renovations, brings her practical renovation and styling acumen, garnered through widely popular DIY online courses spanning over 110 countries. She aims to leverage her knowledge to steer the Dream Home contestants in the right direction. “Understanding the nuances of renovation is crucial,” Taylor emphasized. “People often overlook the multitude of decisions they’ll encounter.”

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The third judge, Rosie Morley, a principal at the esteemed architectural and design studio Hassell, brings over two decades of local and international experience in crafting multimillion-dollar projects. “Designing a home is a profound responsibility to enhance the homeowner’s daily life,” Morley noted. “It’s about translating their lifestyle into their living space.”

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Dr. Chris Brown, who rejoined Seven’s lineup of stellar talent last year, adds his warmth, intellect, and humor to the show, marking a welcomed return to the network where he began his illustrious career.

Dr Chris Brown.

Dr Chris Brown. Credit: Supplied

Dream Home promises to captivate audiences with its blend of competition, creativity, and transformation when it airs on Channel 7 and 7plus later in 2024, in Australia