P House

PHOTO: DAVID UNWIN/STUFF Housing NZ has confirmed this Seddon St, Feilding, house was contaminated with methamphetamine.

Residents of a Feilding neighbourhood are concerned a contaminated P house is posing a risk to children sneaking on to the foreboding-looking property to play and are angry they weren’t told of the drug den sooner.

Several Seddon St residents have shared their worries about the contaminated Housing New Zealand property on their street, which some believe isn’t properly secured.

Housing officials say the house poses no risk, but neighbours say they’ve not been given enough information about the house and into the vacuum have come rumours.

The house was taped off two weeks ago, after the tenant living there was moved out, and a notice was posted on the property warning of a hazardous contamination. The notice doesn’t say what the hazard is.

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