PHOTO: US President Donald Trump 

The Palm Beach Town Council spent close to seven hours today considering issues important to the wealthy island community: the availability of the coronavirus vaccine. Revitalising the downtown’s upscale shopping district. Even the durability of Belgian tile being used on a new walking path and the danger posed by coconuts falling when palm trees get too tall.

Each agenda item provoked a litany of questions, comments and observations, except one: whether former US President Donald Trump may continue living at his Mar-a-Lago Club.

Though presumably the most contentious among residents and of the most interest nationally and internationally, the issue took up no more than a half-hour of the council’s time — at the meeting’s end.

The five-member council took no action on the question, which was placed on the agenda because of neighbours’ complaints that Trump‘s presence would hurt property values.

It’s unclear if the council will address the issue further, although an attorney representing the residents asked — with no response — that he be allowed to give a fuller presentation in April.

The neighbours could also sue the town and Mar-a-Lago. Meanwhile, 1,593 kilometres to the north, the US Senate began Trump’s second impeachment trial.