The beautiful penthouse in the former Mt Eden Council Chambers has come back onto the market after just nine months.

Former All Black, Auckland Warriors player, businessman and TV presenter Marc Ellis bought the penthouse in February – his father Christopher Hugh Trelawney Ellis, and Stephen Underwood, an investment manager are listed as co-owners. They paid $3,860,000 for the 265 square-metre apartment, which has a new RV of $3,850,000.

The penthouse is jewel in the former council building and fire station conversion in Valley Road, known as the Chambers & Station development, which was refurbished last year at a cost of $15 million by Templeton Ltd.

Former All Black and Auckland Warriors player Marc Ellis has also been a TV presenter. He was one of the founders of the Charlie’s juice company, which was later sold in a multi-million dollar deal to Asahi.


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