McDonalds is a property empire: First look at Michael Keaton as McDonald’s ‘founder’ Ray Kroc

  • He’s gone from the Birdman to the burger man, so Michael Keaton could be excused for hamming it up a little as Ray Kroc, the man who turned a fast-food joint into the world’s biggest franchise. But in the first trailer for The Founder, released on Friday, Keaton mostly plays it straight, albeit with a side order of ruthless.

This is the story of the man who stumbled across a mini-franchise in the five-restaurant chain established by the McDonald brothers in California and ran with it – leaving its true founders for dead. Note the wry look on Keaton’s face in the final frame as he holds the business card with “Ray Kroc, Founder” written on it. He knows it’s a crock, but history, as they say, is written by the victors – especially in commerce.



Michael Keaton as McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc.