property investment mentor

PHOTO: Property investment mentor Lucia Xiao says how people treat money shows their attitude to life. Photo credit: Supplied.

“If you know what you’re doing, property is a vehicle to achieve financial freedom faster.

“My husband was able to leave his day job at 41.”

Lucia Xiao, property investment mentor.

Money. It’s the driving factor behind many life choices, but is it the be-all and end-all?

‘Me and My Money’ is a regular feature that investigates Kiwi attitudes towards money and what drives the choices they make. We also share their biggest learnings from COVID-19.

Lucia rose from humble beginnings in a state house to becoming a multi-millionaire. She puts her success down to property investment, which she says can help people become financially free.

Newshub spoke to Lucia about why money should be treated in the same way as family and friends, the importance of being committed to saving a house deposit and how investing in property meant her husband could leave his day job at 41.

1. Why is it important to have a good relationship with money?

The relationship between you and money is similar to the relationship you have with your partner, family and friends.

If you understand it and look after it, it will look after you back.

How you treat your money shows your attitude in life.

Respect money, learn how to budget, how to save and how to invest.

2. Has COVID-19 impacted Kiwis’ confidence in buying property and if so, how? 

Heading into and out of lockdown, there was a lot of uncertainty.

At the end of March, I started my first weekly webinar, giving people comfort and encouragement to continue to buy their own home or invest.

My message was simple: “Don’t wait, go and do it”.