Martin Hawes

PHOTO: Financial adviser and author Martin Hawes says if he could only pick one investment, it would be commercial property. Photo credit: Supplied.

“Warren Buffett said if he had to go to Mars for 30 years and was only allowed one investment with no changes, his money would go into Coca-Cola shares.

“My answer to that question would be commercial property.”

Martin Hawes, financial adviser and author

Money. It’s the driving factor behind many life choices, but is it the be-all and end-all?

‘Me and My Money’ is a regular feature that investigates Kiwi attitudes towards money and what drives the choices they make.

Martin Hawes has seen four market crashes and written 22 books. Drawing from 30 years’ experience as a financial adviser, Hawes spoke to Newshub about how people can improve their relationship with money, why COVID-19 has made investors more confident and the merits of using KiwiSaver to save a first home deposit.

1. Why is it important to have a good relationship with money?

Money gives you choices. Having more lets you live a bigger and better life.

The extent to which money gives happiness is something we can debate. We do know that a lack of money (or a bad relationship with money), causes unhappiness.

This usually comes from people living beyond their means or loading up too much on debt.

Avoid these and you’re likely to get on well with your money and have more of it.

2. Has COVID-19 impacted Kiwis’ confidence in investing?

Strangely, I think COVID-19 has left many people more confident in their investments.