PHOTO: The 49-year-old (pictured with husband Anthony) has been accused of swindling at least $20million from clients, including friends and family, before disappearing on November 12

  • Melissa Caddick’s husband and elderly parents likely to have their houses seized 
  • A $6.1million Dover Heights home and parents’ $2.5million unit under her name 
  • Caddick stole $25million from her wealthy investor friends in pyramid scheme 
  • Her family will now be left homeless with liquidators likely to seize the properties
  • She disappeared in November, however, this week her foot washed up on beach 
  • More remains have been discovered on Friday with DNA testing now underway  

Conwoman Melissa Caddick, who is suspected of committing suicide while being investigated for ripping off dozens of investors, will likely have left her family homeless.

The 49-year-old counted her parents, husband and brother as her closest confidants, but now their luxury properties are likely to be seized by authorities.

After Caddick mysteriously disappeared from her Dover Height’s home in Sydney’s east in November, a group of 13 investors demanded receivers sell her mortgaged properties.

She is suspected of ripping off about 50 others.

The $6.2million property where she, husband Anthony Koletti and her son lived and the $2.55million Edgecliff home of her elderly parents are among Caddick’s main assets that could be sold to repay swindled investors.

In chasing their money, some investors conceded her abandoned family were just as much ‘victims’ of her scamming as they were.



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