Naval rating with $1.3m property portfolio

An Auckland naval rating, who couldn’t afford to live near his base, is now a landlord with a $1.3 million property portfolio.

“The irony of it!” says Rafiq Moses, 37, who works not far from the many North Shore streets around Bayswater, Belmont and Hauraki where dozens of navy families live.

Four years ago, the single man decided that to get ahead, he would need to borrow about $800,000 to buy places in Manurewa, Mangere and Mt Albert.

His three Auckland properties bring in $1300/week. Those places are all rented out to families with children, said Moses who took a decade to save a $100,000 deposit.


Navy man Rafiq Moses lives on Auckland’s Princes Wharf and rents out three Auckland properties to his tenants. Supplied 23rd February 2016