PHOTO: BROOK SABIN The private rock pool is a few minutes walk, right at the end of the peninsula.

It’s not often you get to call an entire peninsula your own.

This one also happens to include a luxury glass box overlooking the Pacific Ocean. More on that later, because, just like a little kid who is excited to tell you a story, I’m going to skip straight to the best part: the little emerald speck at the end of the peninsula. Yes, this luxury adults-only retreat is also home to New Zealand’s most exclusive rock pool. It’s just for one couple, complete with a little waterfall.

We’ve arrived at The Glasshouse, on the outskirts of Whangarēi. This is where I grew up, so I’ve earned the right to be a little cruel. “The Rei” is probably up there with Gore or Taumarunui on your list of romantic escapes. However, this little city – two hours north of Auckland – has a magnificent coast, full of little-known bays and beaches.