Professor John Tookey

PHOTO: Professor John Tookey. Source: Breakfast

Critical supply chain disruptions and labour shortages have meant 150 desperately needed social housing units in Hastings won’t be completed until next year.

Exclusive figures revealed to 1 NEWS yesterday exposed how dire the woes faced by the building sector are, with some projects delayed until June 2022.

The documents released under the Official Information Act showed Housing Minister Megan Woods had been made aware of how severe the industry shortages had become.

Official advice to Woods had noted the supply issues are “becoming an increasing concern for the sector, with intelligence suggesting this is pushing up prices.”

Building expert, Professor John Tookey from AUT, told Breakfast that the severe shortages are “very disappointing to see but totally foreseeable.”

He argues the greater issue lies in the logistics of supply and demand rather than successive government promises.