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est March 1, 2015

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The 2016 Kaikoura earthquake was a magnitude 7.8 (Mw) earthquake in the South Island of New Zealand that occurred two minutes after midnight on 14 November 2016 NZDT (11:02 on 13 November UTC).[1]

Whilst the clean up, ramifications and aftershocks continue past November – for the purpose of title we have headed this page as “November Earthquakes 2016”

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November Earthquakes 2016….. NEWS


Trampers discover 100m lake that appears to have been created by November’s 7.8 quake.

 The 7.8 quake may have set a new world record for the number of faults ruptured.

One hundred days after the Kaikoura quake, about 200 people are unable to return to their Wellington homes.
The demolition of the condemned Reading Cinema carpark in Wellington's central city is "around three-quarters complete" ...


Package to support those hit by Kaikoura earthquake is inadequate to support their mental distress, psychotherapist says.

A huge amount of repair work has been carried out around Kaikoura but businesses still need backing.

The Reading Cinema car park building had to be demolished after the Kaikoura Earthquake. File photo / Mark Mitchell

Some Wellington building owners have asked for more time to test their buildings after last year’s quake.

New Zealand businesses have lodged more than $900 million in insurance claims since the Kaikōura earthquake, the Insurance Council says.

The cordon around quake-damaged buildings on Featherston Street in central Wellington.


More than 2000 people across central New Zealand reported feeling the strong magnitude 5.1 quake near Kaikoura last night. Photo / Geonet

Beds and houses shook uncontrollably in the late-night quake, scaring thousands of people.

Barney and Deb Muir look at the damage to their Kaikoura home after the 7.8 earthquake last November.

OPINION: Insurers now assessing quake claims, rather than EQC, throws up a whole new set of questions for homeowners.

Home owners can expect higher insurance premiums in the wake of the Kaikoura quake.

The road to recovery may involve higher premiums for home owners while reinsurers renegotiate rates with insurers.

181116.News.KEVIN STENT/Fairfax NZ. Wellington buildings affected by the earthquake on Monday 14 November 2016. Revera ...

Will another office building in Wellington have to come down?

Attention has been focused on the business risks seismic events can pose since last year’s Kaikoura earthquakes – and yet many people are still unclear about what they need to do.

Christchurch’s temporary quake homes will be sold to earthquake-hit farmers for $25,000. 

Engineers have reassessed Queensgate Mall after the latest quake.

The quake quickly attracted thousands of felt reports on Geonet.

Sharp quake, felt in the capital, jolts Seddon awake just after midnight.

 Hutt City Council and Queensgate owners hit back after Facebook post querying safety.

The Kaikoura quake was just one of a record number of earthquakes recorded by GeoNet this year. Photo/ Mark Mitchell

2016 has won GeoNet’s “dubious honour” of having the largest amount of recorded earthquakes in the network’s history.

The entranceway to Wellington's Statistics House after last month's magnitude 7.8 quake.

Newly released photos show fallen support beams and shattered glass.

More than 600 people have reported feeling it on the GeoNet website. Photo / GeoNet

Central New Zealand has been shaken by a strong 4.5 magnitude quake this evening.

Closed because of demolition work on the nearby Queensgate Mall, Lower Hutt New World reopened as a pop-shop in a large ...

After a costly 26 days’ closure following the quake, the family business will be back in action just in time for Christmas.

A section of the Queensgate Mall, including the cinema, is currently being demolished after suffering severe damage in ...

6:19 AM  Engineers thought damage to Queensgate was “minor”. Then came a second report.

One proposal to strengthen the Civic Chambers building was thwarted because the council was worried it would affect its ...

Can Wellington save its heritage buildings before an earthquake brings them down?

CentrePort will start urgent work to contain asbestos on the roof of Shed 35 – a vacant cargo store severely damaged in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 14th November.

SH1 toward Kaikoura from the south is a wild ride over cracked seal and gaping holes caused by last month's quake. Photo / Mike Scott.

GNS Science says the probability of a big quake has increased following the Kaikoura earthquake.

Motorbikes of all types roared into Cheviot for a fundraiser rally on Sunday.

 “It just gives everybody a lift, to think ‘hello, we’re still in business'”.

Lotto will donate all of this weekend’s profits to help communities hit by November’s earthquakes.

The Reading Cinema car parking building in Wellington will be pulled down with cars still trapped inside.

A “filthy mess” awaits one quake-evacuated family whose fish dinner is still on the bench.

An end to the tight road restrictions on inland road to Kaikoura may be in sight.

The Reading Cinema car parking building in Wellington will be pulled down with cars still trapped inside.

A “filthy mess” awaits one quake-evacuated family whose fish dinner is still on the bench.

Supermarket closed by Queensgate quake risk is reformed as a massive ‘pop up’ shop.

Ashwell has designed 13 different tattoos to commemorate the 14 November earthquake.

The quake needle in Kaikoura is off the scale again. But this time the ink is for something rather different: “Quakora”.

Schools fund to subsidise uniforms, school books, excursions and little extras like nice book covers.

Wellington's regional and city councils have belatedly agreed to subsidise reduced bus fares in the lead-up to Christmas.

 Councils hold belated votes on slashing pre-Christmas bus fares.

“We’ll be having a bit of a party,” says shut-out bar owner as Reading car park gets demolition order.

Is your house safe from the deluge zone on Wremo’s new maps?

Fee-free Trade Me listings for businesses looking for new offices after quake.

Free Trade Me listings for businesses looking for new offices following 7.8 magnitude quake.

Two-way traffic south of Kaikoura may be long way off, and 50-tonne boulder doesn’t help.

Genevieve King has published a book about the Clarence, which was due to be printed just days after the earthquake.

New book provides photographic record of Clarence Valley pre-quake.

Opinion: The rules and requirements for assessing the safety of a quake-hit building are confused and unclear.

splash quake

  “I’ve never heard of another one like it”: Scientists remain stunned by our monster quake.

New Zealand’s popular tourist destination Elephant Rock has lost its trunk after weeks of earthquakes have rocked the country, including a 5.5 quake which struck on Sunday.

Demolition began on Monday for 61 Molesworth St, a disused office building

16 buildings closed, 50 tenants affected by Wellington quake.

 “Keep talking, give each other a hug,” Kaikoura residents told.

Kaikoura residents attend last public meeting following the earthquake.

 “Keep talking, give each other a hug,” Kaikoura residents told.

Water remains a precious commodity in Kaikoura.

Country Kai Cafe owner Marie Flowerday in front of the map where travellers stopping in at the Seddon business put their ...

 They’re just pins on a world map. Now they’re a symbol of everything these small Malborough towns have lost.

Cracks on the road on top of the Wairau Diversion stopbank.

The council is hoping for a hot, dry summer so stopbank repairs can get underway. 

More than 100 volunteers pitch in to get abandoned tourists’ vehicles out of quake-hit town.

Tomorrow's third rental vehicle convoy from Kaikoura has been postponed by the threat of bad weather.

More than 100 volunteers pitch in to get abandoned tourists’ vehicles out of quake-hit town.

Kaikoura's state of emergency has been extended by a week.

Civil Defence says the extension will provide support for the community.

What started as a brainstorming session has turned into a full blown classroom wide fundraising affair fora Feilding school.


1:43 PM  Teen makes it over slips to the waterfall where baby seals play. It’s intact – but not the same.



Geonet has posted a blog pinpointing the 11 newly-formed dams on rivers in the Kaikoura area causing scientists most concern, including the Waima River. Photo / Geonet

Nearly a dozen dams formed by landslides in the devastating Kaikoura quake are being closely monitored for fear of collapsing.

Tremor the little blue penguin is being cared for by Eco World Aquarium director John Reuhman, left, and life science ...

Baby penguins find safe haven in Picton, and all the salmon they can eat.

Council wants earthquake-prone building legislation beefed up, which could lead to more yellow stickers.

A large crowd gathered within minutes as contractors began demolishing an earthquake damaged section of Lower Hutt’s ...

Final checks made, demolition is now under way at Lower Hutt’s Queensgate Mall.

The view from Commonsense Organics of the soon-to-be-demolished section of the Queensgate mall.

Demolition will start on Monday of parts of Queensgate mall damaged in the November quake.


The demolition of 61 Molesworth Street building.

 How does the type of earthquake affect which buildings are damaged?

The 5.5 quake was felt as far south as Christchurch and as far north as Auckland, but initial reports suggest minimal damage.


“Remarkable”. That’s how Nasa describes the changes to NZ after a November of quakes.

The Seddon 5.5 quake. Photo / via Geonet

A severe 5.5 jolt that shook central New Zealand yesterday afternoon has been followed by a flurry of tremors overnight.

Satellite photographs captured by NASA’s Earth Observatory reveal the exposed seabed along the Kaikoura coastline (main). The pictures show before the land was pushed up from under the sea (inset) and after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand in November. GNS science operations specialist Dr Natalie Balfour noted the new land would ‘likely a permanent feature’ of the shoreline.



Little Rock gift shop owner Colette Cargill said without the government subsidy, she would have had to tell her staff ...

More than 300 businesses are relying on subsidies to stay afloat post-quake.

Queensgate’s quake-hit parts could go as soon as Sunday, as Lower Hutt’s mayor begs shoppers not to walk away.

Prime Property owner Eyal Aharoni in discussions with Mike Scott from Wellington City Council about his condemned ...

People living, and partying, in a yellow-stickered Wellington office block long after it was ruled prone.

Parliament's retro fitted Lead Rubber Bearings have been credited with its smooth ride during the Kaikoura quake.

Could lead rubber base isolators be the answer to our earthquake fears? Roger Hanson thinks so.

EDITORIAL: Spanning the country from Cape Reinga to Bluff, State Highway 1 is New Zealand’s most significant road.

Prime Minister John Key assesses the damage to the Waiau Lodge Hotel.

Waiau’s quake-ravaged pub to open a pop-up bar for Christmas offering respite to the weary community.

Opinion: Some building owners simply don’t have the resources to pay for earthquake strengthening up front.

Nick Smith announced the new fund on Thursday during a visit to Kaikoura.

Temporary fund for displaced North Canterbury home-owners as 117 houses red stickered.

The closure of part of State Highway 1 brings early influx of visitors.



The quake’s complexity and the number of faults ruptured may be a clue to the relative quiet.

Murchison Community Resource Committee chairman Simon Blakemore and Leanne Ealam at the visitor information centre ...

The closure of part of State Highway 1 brings early influx of visitors.

OPINION: Why the South Island needs more coastal shipping options.

EQC covers damage to your house, your land and your personal property in the event of an earthquake. But it does not ...

Quake claim pitfalls

Opinion: When making an earthquake claim, expect EQC and insurers to assert that some damage is ‘pre-existing’ or ‘historic’. Claimant don’t have to simply accept this.

A dream – almost 30 years in the making that was just weeks away from becoming a reality – is once again out of reach after the Kaikoura Earthquake left a local surfer and his family out of pocket.

Dave and Cezanne Lyons had been about to sign off on a loan to develop their beachfront property the week the earthquake hit.


After years of working four jobs to make ends meet, Dave Lyons had hoped to finally be able to focus on his family and his surfing career. Photo / Alan Gibson


Rockfall on State Highway 1 after the Kaikoura earthquake.

Debris to be dumped in ocean to fast-track Kaikoura road repairs.

A tribute to the coastal landscape altered forever by the earthquake will be made through the pages of a special book.

Four more Wellington buildings face demolition

There are now four buildings at Wellington’s CentrePort which could be demolished following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake…

The footage shows a massive canyon created near Mt Lyford following the earthquake. Photo / Supplied

“Gobsmacking” drone footage has captured an up-close view of a massive canyon created near Mt Lyford by this month’s 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake.

Carol Reardon receives her 60th birthday present the week of the quake - a T-shirt featuring her husband's new slogan.

“It’s not hard to be kind, eh.”

 New Zealand is thinking of you Kaikoura.

Stevie Dineen reacts after a helicopter ride piloted by Richie McCaw from Christchurch Helicopters.

Richie McCaw has helped put a big smile on the face of one young earthquake refugee.

Regional council chair says central government may have provide bailout for “strategic” Wellington port assets.


Researchers find incredible new features created after the huge 7.8 quake.

An estimated 90 per cent of businesses may be ineligible for Government package.

This lamb was stuck in a crack in the Earth after the 7.8 quake that struck Canterbury. Photo / Tonkin+Taylor

This cutie was amazingly discovered five days after the 7.8 magnitude quake.

An estimated 90 per cent of businesses may be ineligible for Government package.

  Researchers find incredible new features created after the huge 7.8 quake.

Two weeks after the catastrophic 7.8 quake Kaikoura continues to be rocked by nasty late night tremors. Photo of recent aftershocks / GeoNet

Two weeks after the catastrophic 7.8 quake Kaikoura continues to be rocked by nasty late night tremors.

Kaikoura was rattled by a 4.5 earthquake on Tuesday morning.

Strong magnitude 4.5 quake and several smaller tremors rock Canterbury and Wellington.

The Asteron building in the Wellington cbd has been vacated since this month's 7.8 quake. The "serviceability" criteria ...

Opinion: Many factors affect how a building will perform in an earthquake.

Dozens of businesses caught inside cordons will benefit from extended relief deal.

John Key admitted there were some environmental concerns about pushing coastal landslips into the ocean off Kaikoura. Photo / Kurt Bayer

The Government will urgently pass quake recovery laws which allow landslips in the South Island to be cleared into the ocean without consent.


Prime Minister John Key and acting Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee visited South Bay in Kaikoura where parts of ...

Not all parties will support urgent legislation to clean up Kaikoura but the PM says he has a majority.

Owners of red-stickered building have a week to decide, or the council will rip it down for them.

A house severely damaged by the Kaikoura quake was lifted up and moved more than eight metres sideways. Photo / GNS

GNS scientists have confirmed a house severely damaged by the Kaikoura quake moved more than eight metres.

  Earthquake relief will be extended to Wellington businesses, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce has announced.

The 85-tonne excavator at work on the demolition of 61 Molesworth Street in Wellington. New Zealand Herald photograph by Mark Mitchell.

As demolition starts on quake-hit 61 Molesworth Street, the family who were living there say they’re struggling and helpless.


A 90-metre-long trench used by GNS scientists on Puatai beach, north of Gisborne, has shown the east coast of New ...

Tsunami are not just someone else’s problem, they are also our problem. And we’ve only just begun.

“The village is erupting”, said one as geysers squirt up to 20m near Lake Rotorua.

Caution prevails in the Wellington commercial property market, with some deals on ice as buyers ask for more time to get detailed earthquake assessments.

Meanwhile, businesses are looking far and wide across the Wellington region for seismically sound accommodation while their buildings are closed.

“It’s been frantic,” Colliers Wellington’s executive director of commercial leasing, Jim Pinson, said.


Wellington seen from the air after the 7.8 quake. The skyline’s unchanged – but there are cracks beneath the surface.


Shortly after the 7.8-magnitude Kaikoura earthquake, a small army of people arrived at the designated Emergency ...

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (Wremo) swings into action straight after quake.

Slow-slip quakes detected in Kapiti and Manawatu, adding to Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay.

In the last 24 hours 220 earthquakes of magnitude 4 and over have struck the upper South Island and lower North Island. Photo / Geonet

A shaky night puts residents across central New Zealand on edge.

Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki claimed sinners and homosexuals caused the quakes in Christchurch and Kaikoura.

Opinion: Earthquakes foster a climate of guilt as well as fear.

Scientists are working around the clock to predict likely aftershocks following Kaikoura’s 7.8 magnitude quake.

Demolition began on Monday morning on 61 Molesworth St, a condemned office building that was damaged in the November 14 ...

15 min ago  Work is underway to bring down Wellington’s quake-damaged Molesworth St building.

Slip splash

 Slow-slip quakes detected in Kapiti and Manawatu, adding to Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay.

The East Cape of the North Island has been jolted by a magnitude 5.1 quake this afternoon. Photo /GeoNet

GeoNet said the 61km-deep struck 105km northeast of Te Araroa at 1.18pm.

Hutt City Council has issued a warrant today that requires the Event Cinemas and car park building in the northeastern corner of Queensgate Shopping Centre be demolished.

Statistics NZ has agreed to lease its second temporary premises in Wellington, following the closure of Statistics House because of structural damage from the 14 November earthquake.

The Event Cinemas and Queensgate Shopping Centre in Lower Hutt, cordoned as a result of the November 14 earthquake. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Contractors work on repairing Inland Rd ahead of the first convoy of public vehicles out of Kaikoura on Friday.

Rumours that people are able to drive out of Kaikoura are false, Civil Defence says.


The earthquake was felt as far north as Auckland and as far south as Nelson.

A “severe” magnitude 5.1 earthquake has struck near the eastern North Island town of Wairoa.

Shaun Johnson and Kayla Cullen’s Kaikoura visit put on hold due to high winds.

21112016 News. CAMERON BURNELL/FAIRFAX NZ. Queensgate mall in Lower Hutt was damaged in the Earthquake and is closed to ...

About 70 stores will be shut in Christmas runup as urgent demolition begins.

Quake fears keeping Christchurch residents away from Hanmer Springs, despite the town being fine.

23112016 ROBERT KITCHIN/FAIRFAX NZ L-R: Lyall Bay School practise a Tsunami evacuation drill in light of the recent ...

Some in Japan got a text warning of a quake 25 seconds before it even began. Could Kiwis be better alerted too?

Technology dreamed up in a Hutt Valley tearoom helped save our national treasures.

 At home, at school, at work – how should you prepare for a major quake?

The magnitude 4.6 earthquake was widely felt in the Wellington region, Marlborough and Nelson.

Wellington region and top of the South Island shaken awake by early morning moderate earthquake.

Damage at Centreport, after 15 square metres of sea wall and road slumped into the sea at the southern end of the ...

Port finds a way around damaged container terminal.

Get ready: Porirua's emergency operations lead manager Scott Martin in the new premises.

Porirua people must get ready if they want to survive in a disaster

The first drivers out of Kaikoura can take pets, but cannot take a pitstop nor turn back, says Civil Defence.

A significant cause of damage to commercial property buildings in the Kaikoura earthquake is a failure to comply with non-structural…

"The statement was retracted and there was an apology issued," Civil Defence director Sarah Stuart-Black said.

There was “a lot that was not factually correct” in an urgent local Civil Defence warning about a large quake.

 OPINION: There’s a Christchurch lesson for those who think Wellington is OK.

Evacuating Goose Bay was right, says Civil Defence, given it’s watching 42 new dams.


The Parliamentary Press Gallery is based in an earthquake building behind Parliament

Media staff in Parliament’s Press Gallery vacate over quake damage concerns.


After seeing images of the quake-stranded cows all over the world, Kiwi artist inspired to use them for good.

Geonet's aftershock forecasts are based on decades of hard-won knowledge.

 GeoNet can’t predict earthquakes but it can forecast probabilities. So how does it work?



The wreck of the highway 

Walking SH1, it is clear images taken from the air don’t do justice to the huge damage.


Queensgate Mall.

 Only 70 of the 180 stores in the lower North Island’s largest mall are due to reopen on Friday.

Press reporter Martin van Beynen explores the quake-damaged road north of Kaikoura.

 Contractors have made good progress on the Inland Road to Kaikoura and State Highway 1 south of the embattled township.

Labour says the Government must dip into its coffers for help central Wellington businesses following the quake.

An Army convoy bringing emergency supplies has arrived in Kaikoura after six-hour journey.

The building is Wellington's largest office block.

Tax department’s new head office in Wellington has been shut after faults found.

Wellington helped James Clayton after Napier quake in 1931. Now he’s repaying the favour.

Wellington’s port sustained some of the worst damage in the November 14 quake, but much of it is up and running again.

Geonet are flummoxed by the aftershock pattern, which has not matched with their forecasts.

Seismologists left “scratching their heads” as number of aftershocks has fallen rapidly.

Rotorua Museum will remained closed for now after last week's quake.

 The Rotorua Museum – closed after cracks appeared in the wake of last week’s earthquake – will remained closed for at least another week.


Mt Lyford residents will be able to drive the road without an escort, in the first public opening of the road since the ...

 Inland Rd to Kaikoura opened to public for first time since quake.

 Confusion after the Kaikoura earthquake is likely to see an overhaul of the current Civil Defence structure.

 OPINION: Convincing people they had to evacuate NZ was a surreal post-news moment.

  Two experts have two opposing opinions on the state of Wellington’s largest office tower. They can’t both be right.

 Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

At the National Crisis Management Centre press conference today, a spokesperson stated MBIE has no investigations focussed on the property located at 61 Molesworth Street.

Damage on the inland road to Kaikoura.

About 80 workers are putting in 12-hour days to get the critical Inland Rd into Kaikoura open.

The Pacific 'Ring of Fire'.

No place on Earth is safe from the force of Mother Nature but countries on the “Ring of Fire” are certainly most vulnerable.

 Royal NZ Air Force crew have spotted a mass of floating rocks in the South Pacific.


 There is something very interesting – in fact, quite magical – going on off Kaikoura.

Cordons near 61 Molesworth St, about to be demolished.

 Air conditioning and other fixtures blamed for extent of post-quake building damage.

Civil Defence has closed Inland Rd between Waiau and Kaikoura to all traffic following last night’s 5.7 quake.

New images show trashed homes and a broken community hall after last night’s 5.7 quake.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake causes extensive damage to railways in the Kaikoura area.

Champagne and car parts are strewn on the tracks, and looted goods include a TV and a motorbike.

People ran to safety as chimneys fell – and the earth kept shaking.

BNZ’s Harbour Quays building won’t reopen for months following damage to CentrePort in the 7.8 earthquake.

Aerial shots of SH1 south of Kaikoura. Photo / Mike Scott

A strong aftershock sends fearful people out of their homes for the night.

Walker is listed as featuring in the Man Up convention line-up, which also includes a book launch for Tamaki's new book.

Why is pop star Stan Walker headlining an event with Brian Tamaki after quake comments about gay people?

The earthquake has impacted people all over the city.

If tenants move out while repairs are done, they don’t pay rent. But post-quake tenancy questions aren’t easily answered.

Staff at Deloitte House in Welllington have been forced to find temporary work spaces.

Pourerere beach in Hawke's Bay. For 15 years, the East Coast has been shifting due to "slow-slip events".

The 7.8 quake violently shifted the land, but northward it’s wrought an intriguing slower change.


 This could be the new SH1. It’s feasible, but not cheap, says the mapping outfit touting it.

A wage subsidy package offered by the Government to small businesses in Kaikoura and nearby communities will be extended…

Moderate quake hits NZ’s North Island

NEW Zealand has been rocked by another earthquake, less than a week after a powerful tremor killed two people.


Whatever the solution, the road to recovery will be long and/or bumpy.

Mapping company models inland alternative to quake-damaged SH1, and says it could be feasible.


Kaikoura Suburban School principal Hayden van Lent and his partner Nicky Carr receive more supplies for food parcel ...

He only moved to Kaikoura last year, but is determined to help rebuild the community.

Queen St in Blenheim has been closed to traffic after a building was found to be at risk of partial collapse after the ...

A section of the town centre is closed and businesses have been evacuated.

“A handful of cars” are still trapped in inner-city car park buildings, as quake assessments continue.

The 5.4 magnitude quake struck at 1.21pm 70km south east of Porangahau, at a depth of 40km. File photo

Geonet reports that the earthquake, which struck at 1.19pm, was at a depth of 40km.


Part of the carpark at Lower Hutt's Queensgate mall is inspected.

Lower Hutt won’t have a major cinema in the Christmas lead-up after quake damage to Queensgate.

The NZ Farming rescue team repairs the water tank that feeds the Clarence water scheme.

Over $60K donated so far, and many hours given by Kiwis moved by struggling earthquake-hit farmers.

Some Wellington apartment dwellers are asked to leave, while others refuse to return.

Quakes have been on the low side, but that’s no reason for complacency, scientists say.

File photo: A whale has been spotted off the coast of Kaikoura for the first time since Monday's earthquake.

Tourists can’t get to Kaikoura by road after the quake, but aerial whale watching is set to resume.

Fonterra Cooperative Group says milk collection has been restored in earthquake damaged Culverden, Waiau and Amuri areas…

Now the North Island is on the move as a massive silent quake strikes Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne.


A new video of the Kekerengu Fault shows the shocking damage caused by last week’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake on the landscape.

faultline splash

  GNS drone video shows the magnitude of the rupture of the Kekerengu Fault.

tsunami map splash

OPINION: When the 7.8 quake hit, people couldn’t find out if they were in a tsunami zone. 

A bus damaged by falling masonry in Colombo St, Christchurch during the February 22, 2011 earthquake. Several people ...

Better safe than dead

As Wellington makes decisions about its at risk buildings it should look to Christchurch and learn it’s better to be disrupted than dead.

10 min ago  OPINION: When the 7.8 quake hit, people didn’t know if they were in a tsunami zone.

Demand for emergency survival kits and rations spikes after earthquakes.

Controlled access would be granted to residents of quake-damaged Inland Road.

Residents of quake-damaged Inland Road get access from Waiau, but Kaikoura remains isolated.

Waiau farmers frustrated at road closure following earthquake damage

Stuck halfway up Mt Fyffe, Andy Milne feared the ground would open up and swallow.

It’s back to business for most Wellington workers today according to the city’s mayor, as buildings reopen in the CBD.

The Elms homestead near Kaikoura was destroyed in a 7.5-magnitude quake. Louis Edgar was killed when the historic home collapsed. Photo / Mike Scott

The daughter-in-law of the 100-year-old woman rescued from the rubble of an historic homestead speaks out.


  • 200km quake monster: How it jumped
    Ten-year-old Jack Satterthwite sits on the lip of a large crack in the road in Waiau caused by the magnitude 7.8 quake that struck North Canterbury a week ago. Photo / File

    Monday’s 7.8 quake was bafflingly complex in some ways, but simple in others. Science reporter Jamie Morton delved into the data to look at what we know so far.


John Key and Gerry Brownlee survey damage to the Kaikoura and Marlborough areas.

The acting Civil Defence Minister has blasted comments made by the head of Geonet – saying he feels blindsided.

The last 1500 aftershocks. Photo / GeoNet

Residents are being warned aftershocks connected to the Kaikoura earthquake will continue for months to years.

Reading Courtenay Central and surrounding buildings in Wellington's entertainment district were evacuated on Thursday.

Reading’s central Wellington carpark appears to be broken beyond repair, as a cordon remains in place.

The Aro Valley flat that Bailey Watson and three flatmates were forced to abandon after it was red-stickered following ...

Friends forced to abandon their furniture and other possessions now on desperate hunt for new flat.

Water is back on for many Kaikoura residents but that doesn’t mean they can flush the toilet – the waste has nowhere to go.

The Terrace closed down to one lane at 1pm on Sunday for earthquake repairs to the facade of Intergen House at 45-51 The ...

Crane moves in to Wellington to begin bringing down damaged buildings, week after the 7.8 quake.


Whale’s return brings relief to Kaikoura businesses reliant on marine life for tourist traffic.

A photo posted to WhaleWatch Kaikoura's Facebook page shows the first sighting of a whale tail off the town's coast since the devastating 7.8 earthquake shook the region on Monday. Photo / Facebook

A visit by one of Kaikoura’s world-famous whales has lifted the spirits of the town’s quake-struck residents today.

OPINION: Monday morning’s almighty 7.8 shake should be put into some perspective because it was truly gigantic and seriously violent.

It struck with such force that it was the equivalent of 8 million tonnes of TNT – that’s 400 atomic bombs detonating over about 90 seconds. There was enough energy in it to power Christchurch for three years – or the entire country for three months.

Christchurch teenager Peter Anderson, 13, is part of a large volunteer group saving sealife left stranded by the raised coastline after the quake. Photo / Mike Scott

They’re relocating paua by the tonne. About 40 tonnes were expected to have been cut free from the rocks along the Kaikoura coastline by this afternoon.

Liam Dann testing out new VR tech at the Singularity event.

The SingularityU Summit in Christchurch this week was a showcase of all the best and brightest tech coming our way. But it came with a warning for the human race.

People wait in Te Aro Park after being evacuated from nearby buildings following an earthquake on November 14, 2016 in Wellington. Photo / Getty Images

Thousands of workers and residents of Wellington’s CBD have been displaced, as engineers continue to detect damage incurred to buildings.

The Mason Hills high country station homestead before the Kaikoura earthquake destroyed it. Photo / Supplied.

The young baby of Kylee Guy and her new partner would almost certainly have been crushed to death in Monday’s earthquake if not for the quick actions of his father.


Sitting in the darkness of his mountain home, aftershocks rumbling through and his partner’s body in his arms, Gary Morton had never felt so alone.

Damage at Centreport,Wellington is evident after Monday's earthquake.

Auckland ports steps in to help users of stricken Centreport.

Tourism soldiers on post-earthquake and fears of mass cancellations prove largely unfounded.

Engineers and emergency services tend to a building in Molesworth street, Wellington, with structural earthquake damage.

The New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering president wants to make one thing clear – no building is indestructible.

Owners told to be upfront over building conditions, amid Wellington public safety fears.

Tuhiku Solomon

Tuhiku Solomon smashed head-on into a collapsed bridge at 70kmh just after the quake.

Following the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake, Kaibosh Food Rescue has been evacuated from its Wellington City premises but is still providing fresh food to Wellingtonians in need.

Following the earthquakes we are pleased to advise that all of our Wellington campuses are re-opening with ICT services fully operational. More >>

Earthquake fears will see Christchurch airport miss out on up to 2500 Korean visitors.

South Korea’s Asiana Airlines has pulled charter flights into Christchurch in the wake of the Kaikoura earthquake.

When you reach the first major landslide, you think you can go no further. But you can.

Anxious surfers are hoping the silver lining to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Monday will be new breaks opening up ...

Ever wanted to ride a surf break no-one has before? Thanks to the 7.8, you can.



You can replace property, but not a life, the man who’s done it before tells capital leaders.


Huge slips, caused by the 7.8 earthquake, blocking State Highway One north of Kaikoura. Photo / Mark Mitchell.

A major evacuation is under way in Kaikoura this morning after a fresh landslide threat to homes.

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester

Politicians have a tricky job after natural disasters. The voters’ need for reassurance is urgent. People are reeling from shock and need their lives to return to “normality” as soon as possible. They need the comfort of routine.


Questions asked about closure of the central city as evacuations increase.

Twice as many Wellington parking spaces out of action as in 2013.

Some restaurants and hotels face an uncertain summer due to fewer customers and anxiety over aftershocks.


Damage to the wharves at CentrePort, which chairman Lachie Johnstone said had been extensive.

Government begins investigation into the Statistics House building failure.

Wide spread earthquake, tsunami alert on South Island coasts after major quake.

Feel like you’re on a boat, but you haven’t got your sealegs? Welcome to the world of ‘phantom earthquakes’.

The changes to the freight routes in and out of Canterbury have seen an 18 per cent increase in cost.

Damage caused by Monday's 7.8 earthquake at CentrePort in Wellington. Photo / Mark Mitchell


BNZ’s Harbour Quays building won’t reopen for months following damage to CentrePort in the 7.8 earthquake.


Brian Tamaki has hit back at media over his comments that gays, sinners and murders are responsible for earthquakes. Photo / File.

A petition against Destiny Church’s tax-free status is gaining momentum – with 92,000 signatures and climbing.


Police and Fire Service staff securing the area around the Reading Cinema Car Park building in Wellington. Photo / Mark Mitchell

About 100 people have been evacuated from their homes around the Reading Cinema carpark in Wellington, which faces “imminent risk of collapse”.

Earthquake experts have looked at scenarios for both the capital and Auckland. They’ve crunched the numbers, finding potentially catastrophic scenarios.

Annie Bella Nolan, 4, has an earthquake song she sings every time an aftershock hits following Monday's 7.8 magnitude ...

From earthquake songs to pulling faces, children have the best coping strategies.

Family’s survival instinct prompts huge leap of faith but homestead left badly damaged.

Graham Collins and other dairy farmers have been forced to dump all their fresh cows milk as pasture irrigation and ...

Kaikoura dairy farmer Graham Collins is a hardy bloke, but even he is a “bit shocked” after the 7.8 quake.

No certainty of when Kaikoura schools will reopen as structural assessments begin.

An earthquake between mag 6 to 6.9 is 95% likely, and another over mag 7 is 30% likely

Countdown supermarkets are working around the closure of its distribution centre.

Should NZ use technology to start warning people about approaching quakes?


Neil Protheroe saw the rock face fall. Then came a distinctive smell. “It was mind-blowing.”

The building at 61 Molesworth Street, Wellington, which the fire service says is in danger of collapse. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Questions are being asked about why key government buildings in Wellington have been impacted so badly by this week’s earthquakes.

Huge slips, caused by the 7.8 earthquake, blocking State Highway One north of Kaikoura. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Businesses in quake-hit areas will be paid to keep on staff for at least eight weeks, the Govt says.

Widespread damage to homes following the earthquakes centred on Kaikoura will trigger thousands of dual claims to ...

 Insurance “freeze” barring new house insurance policies being issued has been lifted in a deal brokered by the Insurance Council of New

Slips on State Highway 1 prolonged Aussie reporter Jeffrey Kitt's first trip to Christchurch.

 Newly-arrived Australian reporter Jeffrey Kitt regrets his wish to experience a tremor.

Dairy farming just got a whole lot harder in Kaikoura.

Wellington’s economic activity has bounced back to relative normality after the CBD shutdown following this week’s earthquake…

Brian Tamaki has hit back at media over his comments that gays, sinners and murders are responsible for earthquakes. Photo / File.

A petition against Destiny Church’s tax-free status is gaining momentum.


New video shows just how damaged the road near Kaikoura is – it literally “just drops away”.

A truck driver has described the inland road into Kaikoura as being like Russian Roulette.

Getting insurance has just got harder for property buyers with many insurers placing an embargo on new policies in parts of New Zealand following Sunday night’s earthquakes.

The glass building in Molesworth St is likely to have to be demolished after suffering damage in Monday's quake.

Wellington is declared safe and open for business – but with so many damaged buildings, should it be?

Queensgate Mall.

No set timetable for reopening of the largest mall in the lower North Island.

After the 2013 earthquake, BNZ's principal Wellington building was closed for months due to damage.
Questions are being asked about quake-damaged Statistics House, on Harbour Quays Wellington.

Stats House workers were fortunate disaster struck at night, chairman says.

Many are struggling with anxiety and trauma following Monday’s magnitude 7.8 earthquake.

Geologists find previously unknown faultlines surface after Monday’s 7.8 quake.

Nelson College for Girls principal Cathy Ewing.

Nelson school unable to sit exams due to quakes sees proposed weekend re-sit turned down.

Our earthquake expert joined Stuff to answer after this week’s M7.8 quake in the South Island.

It’s not often that I agree with Winston Peters but he made a valid point this week.

Quake-hit customers and businesses have been offered mortgage relief and access to savings.

Brian Tamaki has blamed gays for earthquakes. Photo / Stephen Parker

COMMENT: Tamaki has a right to free speech, but there’s a fine line between free speech and being an ill-informed, ignorant, bigoted ass.

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A 150m high dam created by the quake blocking a river near Kaikoura could “rapidly fail”.

A family sits and waits for their luggage, having arrived in Christchurch this morning on the HMNZS Canterbury.

The owner of Wellington’s damaged port and Stats House faces a grilling, as Kaikoura evacuees reach safety.

 Our earthquake expert is here to answer your questions after this week’s M7.8 quake.

Cordons to lift around stricken tower, but nearby buildings in Wellington stay closed.

OPINION: The Destiny Church leader’s quake sermon shows he’s a lost cause.

Hours after offering NZ condolences, he uses it to slam reports of problems in his team.

Engineers are continuing their inspection of the Queensgate Shopping Centre and have reported that there is no diminished capacity to the structure of the buildings where the assessments have been completed. Assessments are ongoing and further update to …

Kaikoura on Wednesday. A road has been opened to the marooned town on Wednesday.

As a road is opened to Kaikoura, albeit only for military vehicles, a damaged tower in Wellington is condemned.

How do you know your compliant building is safe? Ask a structural engineering expert.

 Marine geologist says the lifted seabed off the Kaikoura coast is a New Zealand-first.

Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki has blamed earthquakes on gays, sinners, and murderers. Photo / file

Destiny Church’s Brian Tamaki has blamed earthquakes on gays, sinners, and murderers.

Navy arrives in Kaikoura for the evacuation.

As the military gets to work in Kaikoura, their HQ in Wellington is closed due to earthquake damage.

NZDF headquarters is closed, with officials refusing to say when staff might return.

A significant aftershock could bring down a damaged Wellington office block.

Sylvia Hughes’ epilepsy has been well-controlled, but quake-stress is something else.

The former Kaikoura seabed, which is now the shore.
The HMNZS Canterbury is off Kaikoura, but there are challenges with the evacuation, not least the changed seabed.

No one is at risk if quake-damaged building in central Wellington collapses, officials say.

Customers of BNZ and Kiwibank may face delays in getting through to the lenders, with both banks’ primary call-centres based…

ANZ has announced an assistance package for customers impacted by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Monday night.

A United States Marine Corps Orion will conduct aerial assessments of quake torn Kaikoura.

First it was a US warship helping. Now an American plane and Aussie and Canadian ships are Kaikoura-bound.


Christchurch couple Dave and Cherie Milne have had to fight EQC over its shoddy repairs on their earthquake-damaged ...

Advice to Kaikoura residents on how to deal with EQC from battle-hardened Christchurch homeowners.


Property investor Sir Bob Jones said his company’s extensive portfolio of buildings in Wellington escaped relatively unscathed.

A staircase on one of the buildings would need to be looked at due to a few bits of loose concrete.

“Of course there’s that sort of thing everywhere – a little bit of plaster coming off and that sort of thing but we’re not much of a story I’m afraid.”


Sir Bob Jones. Photo / Richard Robinson.


Melissa Mill tries to comfort Alisha.

Almost $40,000 raised after looters ransacked the Mill family home durin

Wellington Phoenix fans will find out on Tuesday afternoon if Saturday's match against Melbourne Victory will go ahead.

The game against Melbourne Victory may not go ahead due to damage to Westpac Stadium.

The cottage after the tsunami knocked it off its piles and washed away the deck and verandah.

The cottage after the tsunami knocked it off its piles and washed away the deck and verandah.

A five-metre high tsunami has destroyed a historic holiday cottage on Banks Peninsula.

Palmerston North Girls' High School pupil Ruth Wright is frustrated she worked for an hour on her exam paper before ...

Palmerston North pupils sit through an hour of a history exam only to discover it was already postponed due to the severe quakes.

State Highway 1 has been closed due to the massive landslides.

The driver’s truck was trapped between two slips near Kaikoura following Monday’s devastating 7.5-magnitude quake.

A landslide blocking the Clarence River north of Kaikoura.

A landslide has caused one of NZ’s largest rivers to burst its banks, and a large body of water is moving downstream.


Live Media Coverage:


GEEZ that was another BIG ONE!

Mon, Nov 14 2016, 1:34:22 pm

Depth3 5 km

Magnitude 6.3

Location 30 km north of Cheviot


A map from GeoNet showing the distribution of aftershocks.

A map from GeoNet showing the distribution of aftershocks. Photo: GeoNet

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Check out the earthquakes details HERE


  • A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Christchurch in New Zealand around midnight on Sunday
  • The NZ Government said the earthquake was felt throughout the country and aftershocks followed
  • A two-metre high tsunami hit the east coast of South Island, people told to head for higher ground
  • The touring Pakistan cricket team were in the middle of prayers and forced to evacuate their hotel in Nelson
  • Prime Minister John Key confirmed at least two people have died in the massive earth quake




A severe earthquake measuring 7.5 magnitude has hit in North Canterbury, near Hanmer Springs.

Follow live updates… (at the LINK ABOVE)


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